No sympathy for prisoners.

So I’m watching this TV show called “Lock up: Extended stay,”  this episode is about life in California’s San Quentin Prison. I have to say for being hard-core criminals, these guys are a bunch of whiny little bitches. They complain about having to take a shower with other prisoners, the food, the lack of privacy, and the guards being to strict. What the hell do they expect? It’s PRISON. These guys want us to feel sorry for them, give me a break. Did they feel sorry for their victims?

I wonder since these guys are so put out and harassed and uncomfortable, what would they think about going to war like our service members? Prisoners get 3 meals a day, they have a bed, not a cot, they don’t have to walk for days on end in the worst conditions imaginable, and they are bitching like spoiled brats. If life is so hard in jail, here’s a hint – STOP COMMITTING CRIMES, jack ass. You put yourself in that position by choosing to commit a crime, what did you think you’d be going to a resort?

One prisoner said, “Man I don’t know who cooked this. I don’t know if this is safe to put in my body.” He was in for stabbing someone. I’m pretty sure the knife he used was way worse to put in a body than the food he was served. They are being fed on taxpayer dime, shut the hell up eat. At least they are getting real food, like spaghetti, and salad, they even get desert. Why are they complaining? Then there was one guy who said it’s inconvenient to have to cook his own food in his cell. All he has is a water heater and he has to put his food in plastic bags to cook it. He said it’s really hard to cut the meat with out a knife, he has to use the lid from a tin can to cut his food, well jack ass you aren’t even supposed to have that so why not stop complaining.

Then there are the ones in protective custody who complain they have no freedom of movement in the prison, uh isn’t that why you’re in prison in the first place, to lose your freedom? Not only are you in prison, you can’t be housed with other prisoners either because you are a sex offender, a child molester or rapist, or you are a gang drop out and need to be protected. It’s kind of strange but prison has its own rules and mores, sex offenders are looked down upon by other criminals. Child molesters are marked the minute they walk in to a prison, so by default they are sent to protective custody, cause let’s face it we wouldn’t want criminals, especially those who shattered a child’s life to get hurt in prison. It’s a bunch of bull crap, you committed a crime you go to jail and have to deal with the consequences.

Why are we even giving these criminals this much? They have prison baseball teams that travel around and play other teams including non criminal citizen teams. Why? Especially a murderer who is in for multiple life sentences. Yeah, Yeah I know some people are going to tell me that’s wrong, they can be rehabilitated. No no they can’t, yes there are some people who get caught up and it’s their 1st offense. I got it, those people probably can be rehabilitated. The person who has been in and out of jail multiple times and commits increasingly violent crimes will never be rehabilitated. There are people who are just criminals plain and simple and will never change.  We can’t fool ourselves into thinking they can.

Criminals are sent to prison because they can not be trusted to abide by the laws of our country. They are not to be sympathized with, they are not to be felt sorry for. They are criminals, if you ever forget that just go ask one of their victims. They are in prison for a reason, don’t forget that.


Sharpton is a criminal

Ever since Sharpton opened his mouth and called for escalation of civil unrest there have been attacks by black men on numerous other people. A few days ago hoodie wearing gunmen shot up a convenience store wounding 5 and killing 1. Yesterday 7 black teens assaulted a Hispanic teen, they challenged him to a fight then attacked. While they were beating him they were yelling racial slurs. If this continues to escalate we will have rioting to rival that of the race riots of the 1960’s.

Since Sharpton called for this escalation he should be held responsible for the criminal acts that arise. He should be charged with conspiracy to commit what ever crimes happen, inciting riots, RICO violations, and what ever else police can think up. Every thing Sharpton does is to incite hatred and violence between blacks and every other race on the planet. Do you remember the Tawana Brawley case? You know the black girl who was raped and urinated on by a group of “vicious white animals.” Well in the end it was proved Sharpton put her up to it to cause racial tensions to explode. I feel that Sharpton should be banned from public speaking. He is the kindle that will spark a new race war in this country and he must be stopped.

Read full article about hoodie killings here.

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Facebook is corrupt

So early this morning I tried to log onto my internet radio through my Facebook account. A message popped up and said if I proceeded I would automatically be changed to the new timeline bullsh*t. Why are they forcing this on us? Why can’t we just have our page the way we like it? Forcing people to accept change they don’t want has been the hallmark of the obamistake administration. That is the premise behind communism and socialism, “You will accept what we want you to have because we know better than you do.”  I understand Facebook probably spent millions creating the timeline, and they don’t want to have wasted that money. But they need to realize that every time they change it causes an uproar and people don’t like it. Stop forcing crap we don’t want down our throats.

I  hate the fact they have teamed up with other entities such as Yahoo and iHeart radio to force us to accept this change. I was impressed when Facebook stood up to employers who demanded prospective employees log in information. But all the respect I had for it went out the window after this last fiasco.  I understand Facebook is a free social networking forum, but Zuckerberg makes tons off of the games and ads so they need to stop pissing off their users, look what happened to myspace, and google+ ain’t doing so hot either.

This sort of overt corruption goes against everything Facebook says they stand for. After the way they have behaving I shouldn’t be surprised. With all the privacy issues in the recent past this really should not have come as a surprise. I just hope one day Zuckerberg starts listening to his customer base and stop trying to force his will on us.

What is going wrong with this country

It is killing me to see what is happening to this country. The government trying to destroy our constitution, fear mongers stirring up racial tensions, the President causing financial divisions and class warfare among the citizens, and an energy crisis that those elected to stop are doing nothing about. What the hell is happening to my country. 237 years ago we revolted against a tyrant who was trying to control us from across the ocean, a tyrant who was doing exactly what our elected leaders are trying to do now.

I have fought and bled for my country alongside half a million of my brothers and sisters in arms, I have lost brothers fighting for this once great country. I have fought for the freedoms my commander-in-chief is trying to strip away from us. I have fought alongside women, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Homosexuals, I have fought along side people who love this country so much they weren’t even citizens, yet they went to war for this country. We together have gone to foreign lands and fought not only for our country but also for those who could not protect themselves. It was rough, we didn’t have the amenities that people take for granted like hot showers and food, running water, heat in the winter and ac in the summer. We did it because we love this country. And what I see going on now hurts me to my core.

The Trayvon Martin case is an example. A young black male shot by a neighborhood watch captain. A tragedy that no one can ever take back. I grieve for his parents, the loss of a child has to be the worst pain for a person to ever go through. But what is even more tragic is the way the case is being handled. First the President never should have commented on the case, it throws a bias on the case before it is even looked at by a court of law.  Second all these fear mongers- Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to name the most boisterous, need to shut up and let the legal system work. Third this case never should have even been mentioned in congress, let alone a congressman donning a costume to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin. Fourth the FBI, a special investigator and the DOJ have no place in this case. All of the previous examples throw a bias lean on the case, pressuring the court in Sanford, Florida to convict George Zimmerman even before he is charged or not charged with a crime. All these people are doing is destroying the foundation of our innocent until proven guilty system that is the best criminal justice system in the world.

The civil unrest that Al Sharpton is calling for is only going to lead to race riots and increased criminal activity. All he is doing is sending us back into the civil unrest and racial tensions of the 1960’s and back into Jim Crow and racial divides which we have mostly overcame. With everything else going on in the world right now we need to work together and stop the racial tension not aggravate it.

The President is not helping solve any of these racial problems. He may think his, “If I had a son he would be Trayvon,” remark was showing support, but all it did was divide the country more. This is not the only time he has tried to divide this country, instead of him trying to end this recension in a professional manner he has resorted to playing the rich against the middle class against those living in poverty. He’s trying to get his faulty legislation passed  by telling us that we need to help him get through to congress or else we will all fall into abject poverty, and yes I am giving tax breaks to the rich because then they will spend more money. Um yeah not going to happen, if he really wants to boos the economy make the rich pay all the taxes they owe instead of letting them jump through loop holes to avoid paying their taxes, let’s be real they can afford to pay their taxes, and no I am not advocating the socialist idea that they earn more so they can pay for those who do not work, I am just saying they can pay their share. Give the tax breaks to the lower middle class and those who live below the poverty level. These groups can’t afford to pay as high a percentage of their wages in taxes, and if they are given tax breaks and have more spendable income they will spend it, they have to, they don’t have the means to fatten a bank account or open an overseas bank account. They will spend their money on things like food, and clothes and if they are saving they are doing so for college for their children. I can only imagine that if Trayvon Martins family was able to afford the life every American deserves, if they were able to afford a college education, Trayvon might not have been at that place at that time. Maybe he would not have had the checkered past he did.

Anytime a person is ripped from this world unnaturally, through murder or disease, or by war it is a tragedy. The shooting of Trayvon Martin was such a tragedy, and even if George Zimmerman is not convicted he will have to live with that for the rest of his life, which is a sort of sentence in itself. But what we do not need to do is use this tragedy to further harm this country. Trayvon Martin deserves a fair trial, so does George Zimmerman. The only thing being done to this case by all this attention is giving the family of Trayvon Martin false hope. They are being told a crime was committed and Trayvon was murdered. What happens if George is found innocent, what will happen to Trayvons family then? This country deserves patience and understanding right now not calls for civil unrest. Trayvon Martin deserves to have his case brought to court and tried in a fair unbiased trial.

Sharpton being rebuked by the NAACP

Turner Clayton, the Seminole County chapter president of the NAACP, reacted immediately to Sharpton’s warning, saying, “We hope that the citizens of Sanford will govern themselves accordingly. We are not calling for any sanctions, against any business or anyone else. And, of course, what Rev. Sharpton does, that’s strictly the [National] Action Network. We can’t condone that part of the conversation, if that’s what he said.” Read the full article here.

Once again Sharpton is stirring up racial trouble in a time when we should be preaching peace. A tragedy occurred, a young man lost his life, yes he was a juvenile delinquent, but that is no reason he should have lost his life. I am not saying George Zimmerman committed a crime, that is for a court of law to say. And that is the exact opposite of what people like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bobby Rush, and even Nancy Pelosi want. They all want George Zimmerman convicted without due process. That seems to be what the Dems want, they have been going against the constitution so long its normal policy for them.

What we need right now is for a court to try this case and not the media. We need the trouble makers and fear mongers to stay out of it and allow our legal system to work.

Government over-regulation

Obama is the number 1 regulator in American history. The Obama administration enacted 32 new “major” regulations – rules that carry an estimated price tag of $100 million or more. These measures stand to cost the U.S. economy $10 billion a year, along with an additional $6.6 billion in first-time implementation costs. How  is he trying to cut government spending? Read the article here.

And now we find the Justice Department is mandating that all business’ in the country allow service horses in. SERVICE HORSES? I never knew there was such a thing. Apparently there is. And the feds say let them in business’ or get fined, and sued, and cost business’ money they can’t afford to lose. Read about it here. So what happens when a horse goes into say, a restaurant and has an accident? Who is going to pay the health department fines for that? It has already been proven horses can not be house broken.

This is another example of over regulation by an incompetent, inept president who thinks just because he orders new regulations and threatens people with fines and being sued will solve a problem that didn’t exist.  He needs to lose his job and take his free-loading  family out of the White House.


I just almost changed my mind about Seagal

I used to think Steven Seagal was a puffed up wanna be martial artist and “B” movie actor. Then he started that TV show “Steven Seagal:Lawman” and I was totally convinced he was a tool. But I guess everyone has some kind of intelligence, and he shows it here. He says and I fully support this stance, the fight over illegal aliens, and our border war has nothing to do with race. you know what he’s right it doesn’t. First off coming to this country as an illegal alien is by the very reading of that title is against the law, the name says it all “Illegal Alien.” Being an illegal alien is illegal. Then they come to this country and break more laws. It is estimated that between 27% and 35% of all prisoners in American prisons are illegal aliens. Getting rid of them would help not only solve the overcrowding problem but would put a chunk of money back in States coffers, and who doesn’t want more money? Not to mention the fact that they pay no taxes on unreported income. we also spend so much money on illegal aliens, between not having health insurance, they don’t have car insurance, they take all the money they make and send it back to what ever country they come form, in most cases Mexico. That takes billions of dollars out of our country. And upholding our immigration laws is not racist, if you go through the proper channels and follow the proper procedures you can get here legally. This is no longer the 1700 and 1800’s we can not afford to let just anyone in the country. Face it 90% of the illegal aliens, besides being here illegally of course, are criminals. We need to stop allowing illegal aliens into our country, we need to stop vilifying people like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who are trying not only to protect their state but the rest of us by keeping these illegals out. We need to stand up for our laws and get rid of any government official who wants to just grant citizenship to any illegal that is here.




Sharpton is now a Florida legal expert

So the “Reverend” Al Sharpton wants civil disobedience and sanctions against the city of  Sanford, Florida. He wants these to escalate because the police are not arresting George Zimmerman. Sharpton wants the police to immediately arrest Mr. Zimmerman even though according to Florida law he committed no crime. Since when did he become a legal expert in Florida? Why not let the police do their job and stop inciting a riot? Sharpton why don’t you actually do something useful and play in traffic in China? Thanks.

Stunt on Capitol Hill has unintended consequences

So Rep Bobby Rush dons a hoodie on the Senate floor to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin, and a few days later hoodie wearing gunmen open fire and kill one and wound five in Rush’s Chicago district. Hmmm coincidence?  I just want to know where the mass media coverage of this crime is. Instead of making inconsequential shows of idiocy, I mean support for juvenile delinquents, why isn’t he spending his time trying to actually do the job he was elected to do? Rush is a prime example of why we need to CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!

Read the full article here.

Thoughts on Afghanistan

It amazes me how little is being done to protect our troops in Afghanistan, not from the insurgents, or al’ queda, or the Taliban, but from our “brothers in arms,” those we are to stand shona ba shona with. Shona ba shona is Dari for shoulder to shoulder. I am talking about the Afghan Army.  Violence against coalition forces by the Afghan Army has been on the rise in recent weeks, and they, the media, claim it is because the burning of the korans. Well it’s not, that is just an excuse used to legitimize the violence.  “You have burned our Holy book, you will die for that!” yeah well that’s not the reason. If you look at history that region, southwest Asia, the middle east, it has been at war for longer than recorded history. War and strife, and fighting are all they know. If you look at Afghanistan they have actively been at war since the 1970’s. The fighters of that era are the grandfathers of today, the children of that era are the fighters of today, the children of today will be the fighters of tomorrow.

The Afghans know nothing of peace. Their history is war, and you can not expect to change that in what amounts to overnight. We went into Afghanistan because the Taliban were harboring al’ queda and the leader of al’ queda Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden launched the worst attack on American soil in history, so we went after him. That was the whole goal behind Operation Enduring Freedom, get Bin Laden. So why are we still there? Why are we worried about building infrastructure,  and standing up a competent security force? Simple, after the Russians invaded and we helped get them out of Afghanistan, we left Afghanistan to itself. And leaving Afghanistan to itself is what brought the Taliban to the world stage. When the Russians left they left a void in the government of Afghanistan that mullah Omar was able to fill. Fill it he did, he brought the Taliban to power and gave safe haven to terrorists including Bin Laden. This is a mistake our government will not allow to happen again.

So we wear out our welcome, and the Afghans are sick of us “occupying” their country. The only way they know how to get us out is to attack us, most of the time while we are looking the other way. Their president, Hamid Karzai, wants us out, he hamstrings our military at every turn, heaping restrictions on when and where we can fight, what we can use to fight, and when we can protect ourselves. the only thing these restrictions do are get more of my brothers and sisters in arms killed. I was all for going into Afghanistan, I joined the Army right at the end of Desert Storm, I knew war was a possibility, and I was looking forward to it. Right now we have not only over stayed our welcome in Afghanistan, we are pouring Billions of dollars a year into a country that wants nothing to do with us any longer. Karzai has stated he would turn on us in a heart beat, and he calls for us to get out of his country everyday. Well lets leave, I guarantee he will be assassinated with in the month after we pull out. He wants it, give it to him. Let him pay his Army, which we currently do to the tune of 5 billion dollars a year. Let him secure his borders with Pakistan, which we currently do. Let him run his country, which yes we currently do.  Pull our Soldiers out of that hell hole, let the Afghans have it, and stop getting our Soldiers killed for an ungrateful country.

Our military did an outstanding job, fighting two wars at once. We gave Iraq back to the Iraqis, lets give Afghanistan back to the Afghans. We took out the target, time to come home, refit, rearm, and get ready for the next war. The way the world is going it won’t be long until we have another full-scale war on our hands. Hell we already took military action against Libya, and Syria. Iran is barking, North Korea is puffing out its chest, almost every other country in the middle east is in revolt. And then there is Africa which has been pretty much quiet, but you know what they say about the quiet ones. We need to stop messing around in a country that has already stated its intention to stab us in the back, and come home to rest and get ready for the next inevitable war. We will never get Afghanistan to stand up a competent security force or get it to a place where it can effectively govern itself. All Afghanistan knows is war, and we will not change that.