Punks POGs and P*ssies

I have all the respect in the world to anyone who voluntarily joins the military. Yes I do make fun of other services, but it’s all in jest. I am glad to serve next to the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and even the Coast Guard. No service could do their job with out the other services. And any one who goes into combat deserves respect. But when those individuals mess up, and some of them do, that is when their character is really challenged. Every one gets in trouble every now and then, their true self comes out in how they deal with it. When someone resorts to using a physical or mental ailment as an excuse to get out of trouble they willingly get themselves in it shows their lack of character. Everyone who comes home from combat has changed, some more than others. There are some combat veterans who are truly messed up, amputations, severe burns, mTBI, PTSD, and a myriad of other problems, but very few of them are so screwed up they can’t control their actions. And any one who pretends to have a problem and uses that make believe problem to get out of trouble pisses me off. They lose all respect they have earned. They become nothing more than the person who has never served but lies about service to gain favor, or gifts, or respect they don’t deserve. It is too easy to do the right thing. If you do have problems get help, and don’t piss on those willing to help you. Don’t get in trouble then say, “It’s not my fault I’m sick.” Yeah well when you refuse help, and you miss your doctor appointments, and you refuse to obey orders, don’t blame it on anything other than you refusing to do the right thing. If you have THS (Tiny heart Syndrome), don’t blame it on anything other than you being a raging vagina. You threw away an honorable career because you lacked the inner strength to accept the help offered you. I really do believe the United States Army purposely vaginafied itself. There used to be leaders who would lead from the front, people like Dick Winters, Carwood Lipton, Rick Rescorla, Hal Moore, Karl Marlantes, Robert Prince, George S. Patton, and those like them. These Soldiers, these Leaders, were more concerned about their soldiers and actually winning a war, than they were about their careers, today leaders are more concerned about their careers than they are their  soldiers. And it has bled down to the soldiers. Today soldiers are whiny little bitches, who have no heart. They are a reflection of society, give me, give me, give me,  take, take, take, and give little if nothing back. I love my career, I wanted to do this since I was a boy, I never thought about getting out. Now I’m kind of glad the Army is medically retiring me so I don’t have to put up with the degradation of my Army. Yes I said MY Army, I like every other committed, dedicated Soldier take pride in the Army and take ownership of it. I refer to them as MY Soldiers, because I take ownership of them, I train them, I mentor them, I lead them into Combat and bring them home. I am there for them 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, I spend more time with them than I do my own children, and I love them.  It kills me to see the piss poor excuses they are letting in the Army today. I mourn the slow death of my Army.


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