I’m just going to rant for a little while. With everything going on in the world our country is dividing itself.  Well not the country, but certain people who call themselves “Community Leaders” or “Community Activists” are actively engaged in overt action designed to destroy the fabric that holds this country together. They take tragic events and spin them out of control to set one racial group upon another racial group in this country. And most of the time they are setting two groups who weren’t even involved in the original incident against each other. This is 2012 people, we had a civil rights uprising over 50 years ago, why the hell don’t we grow the fuck up and stop hating each other because of skin color? I thought we collectively learned our lesson after the race riots of the 1960’s, I guess not. I have been to combat with people of all colors,  races, creeds, genders, religious preferences, sexual orientations, and ages, and you know what when the bullets started flying I gave less than a damn about all that. The only thing I was worried about was the person, man or woman, to my left and to my right doing their job. And guess what through out my combat deployments 7 men I called  friend and  brother died in combat, they were black and white, redneck and city boy, and you know what my heart hurts for each and every one of them. I give less than a damn what color their skin was, they died in combat and I will miss all of them until the day I die. And when the call came in of one of my teams trucks getting hit by an IED in Iraq, no one in my gun truck stopped and asked what color their skin was, we grabbed our gear and went. We went into a kill zone to help them. When I was in Iraq on my 1st tour we were doing an unannounced traffic control point, the Iraqi truck, which had no armor plating, was hit broad side by an IED, and when the call went up for a medic I grabbed my Combat Life Saver Bag, a small medical kit, and ran into the kill zone, bullets still flying. I got there about 2 minutes before our team medic arrived, he actually ran further under fire than I did to get there, to try and save the lives of our Brothers in Arms, and not one of them was American, all the wounded were Iraqi soldiers. We didn’t say, “Oh they’re just Iraqis who cares?” No we risked our lives with out a second thought because there were men hurt. I look back on it and know I would do it all over again, and as a matter of fact it wasn’t the last time anyone from my team ran into gun fire or a kill zone.  The majority of time we went on missions we went to help locals, whether it was in Iraq or Afghanistan, we ran in for them. We risked our lives to help the citizens of those foreign lands, why? Because they are humans and needed help.  One day we were at a school grand opening handing out school supplies to the kids, and the kids were happy, happy to go to school. A little kid came up to me in his dirty clothes and mismatched flip-flops and thanked me for allowing him the HONOR of going to school. Thirty seconds after our trucks rolled off the school exploded, killing most of the kids and teachers. When we rushed back to the rubble I found one of that little boys flip-flops, that’s all I found of him. Even though the IED was aimed at the children we took it personal. And we rained holy hell on those responsible. Why? Because those children deserved it. They weren’t even American and we avenged them. So tell me why, if a group of people can travel half way around the world to fight for people they don’t know, can’t we walk across the street to help each other? Why are we so focused on skin color instead of embracing each other as brothers and sisters of the same country? There are enough people in this world that don’t give a rats ass what color our skin is, all they care is we are American, and want to kill us. And unless we stand united we will fall divided.


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