The Trayvon Martin Crime

This crime upsets me, not only was it senseless, it is also causing a racial divide in our country. It is tragic when any one loses their life, it does not matter skin color, gender, religious, political, or sexual preference, it is sad. Yet to blow this crime so out of proportion has made it even worse. Jesse Jackson has called this an attack on blacks, the only thing I see the “reverend” accomplishing by this is starting a race war. Well if this is an attack on blacks, what was it when 2 black teenage males walked up to a white teenage male in Ohio and poured flammable liquid on him and set him on fire, while saying, “you got what you deserve, white boy?” Is that not an attack on whites? Why is no one screaming about those boys, and forming lynch mobs, like the New Black Panther Party is over Trayvon Martin? Why, because a white man who does it will be branded a racist and the NBPP will then attack them, keeping this endless circle of senseless violence going.  This is ridiculous, a horrible crime has been committed, do not cause further unrest by exaggerating an already tense situation.


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