Welcome to my world.

I just want to take some time to welcome all of you to what is essentially the inner workings of my mind. I am going to comment on what I feel like talking about, including but not limited to – Politics, the Military, crime and punishment, clueless people, stupid people, and pretty much anything else I feel like talking about. I hope you enjoy it, but I also hope it makes you think, because even though I will try to be lighthearted and jovial, I will still be serious and make points that will contrast with quite a few of you. I am not afraid to speak my mind and yes I will offend some of you, well that’s what makes this country great, I have the freedom to speak my mind. I will not attack any single person,but I will point out flaws in their arguments and I am not shy about calling any one out for lying or for being a jack ass. Feel free to comment but do not cry foul when I come back at you, I will not personally attack you but I will rip you to shreds if you are stupid. So come on in grab a chair and enjoy. Thank you for stopping by.


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