WHAT? Say it ain’t so, Sharpton and Jackson exploiting a crime?

Before you get all up in arms and scream racism, this was said by C.L. Bryant, a former leader in the NAACP. Read the article here.  He believes that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both of whom refer to themselves as reverend, are using the Tayvon Smith tragedy to racially divide this country.  Any one who has an ounce of humanity knows this was a tragedy, it is up to the court of law to decide if there was a crime, the judge and the jury are the only ones who can say a crime was committed after a careful preponderance of evidence. All Sharpton and Jackson are doing is stirring racial tensions in an already volatile  situation. And with  Sharpton’s  record for lying to fan the flames of racial tension, anyone remember that Tawana Brawley case? Mr Bryant believes Sharpton and Jackson are purposely misleading the country into believing there is an epidemic of “white men killing young black men,” and explores this along with black on black crime in his film “Run away Slave.” Do not be fooled by these two charlatans, blacks are not under attack by whites. People like Sharpton and Jackson along with Farrakhan are trying to force you to believe this, but it is all smoke and mirrors to advance their personal agendas against this country.


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