It pays to know the President

Read the full article here: President’s illegal uncle surrenders license for 45 days

So not only was he driving drunk, by the way he works at a liquor store, oh the irony, but he has been living as an AN ILLEGAL ALIEN for the past 2 decades. And all he has to do is surrender his license for 45 days, are you kidding me? He should be deported immediately. And his lawyers excuse for being here illegally- “He forgot to renew his immigration paperwork.” And now Mr Onyango Obama just wants to get on with his nice normal, quiet life he had before this arrest. Are you serious? He is not only an illegal Alien, but he is a convicted criminal. Since when did we become a penal colony. I say if the obamistake does not enforce this countries laws, even as they pertain to his uncle, and oh by the way his aunt Zeituni is also here illegally, he gets impeached for aiding and abetting criminals. Private citizens get charged all the time for harboring fugitives, especially when that fugitive is a family member, we need to let the politicians know they are not above the law, even the president, who has sworn to uphold the laws of the land. Obama is a liar and a criminal and needs to be charged and convicted.




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