Obamacare is good for everyone:except………

So the great equalizer in the medical world, obamacare, requires everyone to purchase medical insurance except- people who are eligible for medicaid but do not sign up for it, and people who the insurance would cost more than 8% of their income.  These people would also  be exempt from obamacare, and the penalty for not having healthcare, and they would continue to receive free healthcare.  So I ask what the hell is so great about this bullshit bill?  This is just another example of the obamistake grabbing power he had no right to. He is a socialist who would be better served in China, Cuba, or Venezuela. There is no place in the United States of America for a socialist pig. I do believe the Solicitor General was trying to be deceitful about the penalty, he kept calling it a tax, even when the Justices were correcting him. He is so blinded by the BS obama has been spouting that he can’t tell the truth from his asshole. It is time to get rid of the Solicitor General and his boss.

Read the full article here.




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