Obamacare under Fire

Read the Article here: Conservative justices criticize individual mandate.
The supreme court is looking at obamacare to judge the constitutionality of the controversial law. I like when the courts conservative Justices questioned Solicitor General Donald Verilli about whether congress could mandate citizens buy broccoli, or burial insurance, or cell phones as part of commercial regulations down the road.

Justice Anthony Kennedy said people who are uninsured constitute “an actuarial reality that can and must be measured for health care purposes,” and Chief Justice John Roberts preceded most of his inquiries by noting the government’s position that the health care market is unique, because those without insurance raise costs for those with it, and almost everyone will need health care services.

So the uninsured cause the insured to pay more for healthcare, hmmm, what about the illegal aliens the obamistake is not deporting? Don’t they cause the insured to pay higher healthcare costs? This sounds cruel and in humane, but I say if an illegal alien can get free healthcare, then the uninsured should be able to get free healthcare. But I propose that if an illegal alien shows up to a hospital, healthcare clinic, urgent care center, or any other medical health center, they immediately be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, and immediately be deported. Wouldn’t that shrink healthcare costs? Oh wait, if we deport the illegal aliens there would be no one to vote for the obamistake in the up coming election.

This law is not only unconstitutional, but it also causes businesses and individuals to pay more for healthcare, costing more in the end. It has already shown to be detrimental to Doctors and pharmacies, so much so that Doctors have given up practices and some smaller family run pharmacies have closed. How can this be good? Just like every other on of his policies this has failed, and we can not stand for it one more minute.


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