The sad result of PTSD and multiple deployments

SSG Robert Bales who is accused of leaving  his base in Kanadahar Afghanistan and massacring 17 Afghan civilians is a prime example of what happens when a Soldier is repeatedly deployed with out getting help for PTSD. He deployed multiple times and was suffering not only from PTSD but also a traumatic brain injury. He never should have deployed with out a comprehensive psychological evaluation. And the doctor who signed of on him being fit to deploy should never be allowed to practice medicine again. This tragedy could have been averted had someone raised the red flag acknowledging SSG Bales had a problem.  Again this goes back to having the courage to get help. The Military as a whole needs to reevaluate how it deems personnel psychologically fit to deploy. I’m not saying to keep people in the Service who can not deploy, put them through a medical review board and if needed medically separate them from Service. Do not rubber stamp these young men and women just to keep combat strength numbers up, in the end you will not only destroy these young people, but you will also degrade unit effectiveness, and lower moral by having these Service members deploy then get sent home early. We owe it to the heroes who have answered our country’s call to arms to take care of them.

Read the full article about SSG Bales here.

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