Blame it on the Republicans

The end all and be all of healthcare laws is being scrutinized by the Supreme Court, and the Dems don’t like it, not one bit. They are now changing their tune, instead of this being the Democrats greatest achievement, now they are blaming the Republicans. Deputy White House Press Secretary is now referring to obamacare as “A Bi-Partisan bill” and the Individual Mandate as “A Republican idea.” Read the full Article here. The problem is not one Republican even voted for the Affordable Care Act on final passage. So tell me how was this their idea if they wouldn’t even vote for it, that is just ridiculous. The Dems are now trying to separate themselves from this sinking ship that is the Affordable Care Act, AKA obamacare. This is just another example of the obamistake forcing policy down our throats that didn’t work, he is totally unqualified to hold the office of President, and if he gets re-elected this will not be the last power grab he makes.




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