A Real American Hero

US Army National Guardsman Sergeant Dennis Weichel is being flown home this week to be buried. He was killed in Laghman Province in north eastern Afghanistan. He was died of non-combat related injuries. The cause of his injuries, a 16 ton MRAP, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, the armored vehicles service members ride into combat. He was crushed under the vehicle during a combat patrol. I see you asking “What was he doing under an MRAP while on patrol?” The answer is simple, this man, this husband, father of three, brother, son, was saving the life of an Afghan child. The child ran into the path of the oncoming MRAP to collect spent shell casings so her family could sell them, SGT Weichel saw the vehicle coming and without hesitation ran into the street and swung the little girl out-of-the-way. Unfortunately SGT Weichel never made it to safety. He was crushed under the weight of the armored vehicle. He did not die in a fire fight, he did not kill innocent civilians. He risked his life, and ultimately lost it to save a child that wasn’t his, a child he didn’t know, from a family he didn’t know. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save a child, a child he never even knew. Now his children will grow up with out a father, his wife will go on with out her best friend, her love her husband. And for what you ask. The answer is simple, Sergeant Dennis Weichel was a Sheep Dog and he gave his life willingly to protect that child, so she could live.  He died a Soldier doing what 99% of the military does every day, helping others, many times not knowing their names or their families or even how old they were. Army National Guard Sergeant Dennis Weichel is and for ever will be A REAL AMERICAN HERO. Rest In Peace Sheep dog, you will never be forgotten.

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