Government over-regulation

Obama is the number 1 regulator in American history. The Obama administration enacted 32 new “major” regulations – rules that carry an estimated price tag of $100 million or more. These measures stand to cost the U.S. economy $10 billion a year, along with an additional $6.6 billion in first-time implementation costs. How  is he trying to cut government spending? Read the article here.

And now we find the Justice Department is mandating that all business’ in the country allow service horses in. SERVICE HORSES? I never knew there was such a thing. Apparently there is. And the feds say let them in business’ or get fined, and sued, and cost business’ money they can’t afford to lose. Read about it here. So what happens when a horse goes into say, a restaurant and has an accident? Who is going to pay the health department fines for that? It has already been proven horses can not be house broken.

This is another example of over regulation by an incompetent, inept president who thinks just because he orders new regulations and threatens people with fines and being sued will solve a problem that didn’t exist.  He needs to lose his job and take his free-loading  family out of the White House.



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