I just almost changed my mind about Seagal

I used to think Steven Seagal was a puffed up wanna be martial artist and “B” movie actor. Then he started that TV show “Steven Seagal:Lawman” and I was totally convinced he was a tool. But I guess everyone has some kind of intelligence, and he shows it here. He says and I fully support this stance, the fight over illegal aliens, and our border war has nothing to do with race. you know what he’s right it doesn’t. First off coming to this country as an illegal alien is by the very reading of that title is against the law, the name says it all “Illegal Alien.” Being an illegal alien is illegal. Then they come to this country and break more laws. It is estimated that between 27% and 35% of all prisoners in American prisons are illegal aliens. Getting rid of them would help not only solve the overcrowding problem but would put a chunk of money back in States coffers, and who doesn’t want more money? Not to mention the fact that they pay no taxes on unreported income. we also spend so much money on illegal aliens, between not having health insurance, they don’t have car insurance, they take all the money they make and send it back to what ever country they come form, in most cases Mexico. That takes billions of dollars out of our country. And upholding our immigration laws is not racist, if you go through the proper channels and follow the proper procedures you can get here legally. This is no longer the 1700 and 1800’s we can not afford to let just anyone in the country. Face it 90% of the illegal aliens, besides being here illegally of course, are criminals. We need to stop allowing illegal aliens into our country, we need to stop vilifying people like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who are trying not only to protect their state but the rest of us by keeping these illegals out. We need to stand up for our laws and get rid of any government official who wants to just grant citizenship to any illegal that is here.





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