Thoughts on Afghanistan

It amazes me how little is being done to protect our troops in Afghanistan, not from the insurgents, or al’ queda, or the Taliban, but from our “brothers in arms,” those we are to stand shona ba shona with. Shona ba shona is Dari for shoulder to shoulder. I am talking about the Afghan Army.  Violence against coalition forces by the Afghan Army has been on the rise in recent weeks, and they, the media, claim it is because the burning of the korans. Well it’s not, that is just an excuse used to legitimize the violence.  “You have burned our Holy book, you will die for that!” yeah well that’s not the reason. If you look at history that region, southwest Asia, the middle east, it has been at war for longer than recorded history. War and strife, and fighting are all they know. If you look at Afghanistan they have actively been at war since the 1970’s. The fighters of that era are the grandfathers of today, the children of that era are the fighters of today, the children of today will be the fighters of tomorrow.

The Afghans know nothing of peace. Their history is war, and you can not expect to change that in what amounts to overnight. We went into Afghanistan because the Taliban were harboring al’ queda and the leader of al’ queda Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden launched the worst attack on American soil in history, so we went after him. That was the whole goal behind Operation Enduring Freedom, get Bin Laden. So why are we still there? Why are we worried about building infrastructure,  and standing up a competent security force? Simple, after the Russians invaded and we helped get them out of Afghanistan, we left Afghanistan to itself. And leaving Afghanistan to itself is what brought the Taliban to the world stage. When the Russians left they left a void in the government of Afghanistan that mullah Omar was able to fill. Fill it he did, he brought the Taliban to power and gave safe haven to terrorists including Bin Laden. This is a mistake our government will not allow to happen again.

So we wear out our welcome, and the Afghans are sick of us “occupying” their country. The only way they know how to get us out is to attack us, most of the time while we are looking the other way. Their president, Hamid Karzai, wants us out, he hamstrings our military at every turn, heaping restrictions on when and where we can fight, what we can use to fight, and when we can protect ourselves. the only thing these restrictions do are get more of my brothers and sisters in arms killed. I was all for going into Afghanistan, I joined the Army right at the end of Desert Storm, I knew war was a possibility, and I was looking forward to it. Right now we have not only over stayed our welcome in Afghanistan, we are pouring Billions of dollars a year into a country that wants nothing to do with us any longer. Karzai has stated he would turn on us in a heart beat, and he calls for us to get out of his country everyday. Well lets leave, I guarantee he will be assassinated with in the month after we pull out. He wants it, give it to him. Let him pay his Army, which we currently do to the tune of 5 billion dollars a year. Let him secure his borders with Pakistan, which we currently do. Let him run his country, which yes we currently do.  Pull our Soldiers out of that hell hole, let the Afghans have it, and stop getting our Soldiers killed for an ungrateful country.

Our military did an outstanding job, fighting two wars at once. We gave Iraq back to the Iraqis, lets give Afghanistan back to the Afghans. We took out the target, time to come home, refit, rearm, and get ready for the next war. The way the world is going it won’t be long until we have another full-scale war on our hands. Hell we already took military action against Libya, and Syria. Iran is barking, North Korea is puffing out its chest, almost every other country in the middle east is in revolt. And then there is Africa which has been pretty much quiet, but you know what they say about the quiet ones. We need to stop messing around in a country that has already stated its intention to stab us in the back, and come home to rest and get ready for the next inevitable war. We will never get Afghanistan to stand up a competent security force or get it to a place where it can effectively govern itself. All Afghanistan knows is war, and we will not change that.


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