Facebook is corrupt

So early this morning I tried to log onto my internet radio through my Facebook account. A message popped up and said if I proceeded I would automatically be changed to the new timeline bullsh*t. Why are they forcing this on us? Why can’t we just have our page the way we like it? Forcing people to accept change they don’t want has been the hallmark of the obamistake administration. That is the premise behind communism and socialism, “You will accept what we want you to have because we know better than you do.”  I understand Facebook probably spent millions creating the timeline, and they don’t want to have wasted that money. But they need to realize that every time they change it causes an uproar and people don’t like it. Stop forcing crap we don’t want down our throats.

I  hate the fact they have teamed up with other entities such as Yahoo and iHeart radio to force us to accept this change. I was impressed when Facebook stood up to employers who demanded prospective employees log in information. But all the respect I had for it went out the window after this last fiasco.  I understand Facebook is a free social networking forum, but Zuckerberg makes tons off of the games and ads so they need to stop pissing off their users, look what happened to myspace, and google+ ain’t doing so hot either.

This sort of overt corruption goes against everything Facebook says they stand for. After the way they have behaving I shouldn’t be surprised. With all the privacy issues in the recent past this really should not have come as a surprise. I just hope one day Zuckerberg starts listening to his customer base and stop trying to force his will on us.

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