No sympathy for prisoners.

So I’m watching this TV show called “Lock up: Extended stay,”  this episode is about life in California’s San Quentin Prison. I have to say for being hard-core criminals, these guys are a bunch of whiny little bitches. They complain about having to take a shower with other prisoners, the food, the lack of privacy, and the guards being to strict. What the hell do they expect? It’s PRISON. These guys want us to feel sorry for them, give me a break. Did they feel sorry for their victims?

I wonder since these guys are so put out and harassed and uncomfortable, what would they think about going to war like our service members? Prisoners get 3 meals a day, they have a bed, not a cot, they don’t have to walk for days on end in the worst conditions imaginable, and they are bitching like spoiled brats. If life is so hard in jail, here’s a hint – STOP COMMITTING CRIMES, jack ass. You put yourself in that position by choosing to commit a crime, what did you think you’d be going to a resort?

One prisoner said, “Man I don’t know who cooked this. I don’t know if this is safe to put in my body.” He was in for stabbing someone. I’m pretty sure the knife he used was way worse to put in a body than the food he was served. They are being fed on taxpayer dime, shut the hell up eat. At least they are getting real food, like spaghetti, and salad, they even get desert. Why are they complaining? Then there was one guy who said it’s inconvenient to have to cook his own food in his cell. All he has is a water heater and he has to put his food in plastic bags to cook it. He said it’s really hard to cut the meat with out a knife, he has to use the lid from a tin can to cut his food, well jack ass you aren’t even supposed to have that so why not stop complaining.

Then there are the ones in protective custody who complain they have no freedom of movement in the prison, uh isn’t that why you’re in prison in the first place, to lose your freedom? Not only are you in prison, you can’t be housed with other prisoners either because you are a sex offender, a child molester or rapist, or you are a gang drop out and need to be protected. It’s kind of strange but prison has its own rules and mores, sex offenders are looked down upon by other criminals. Child molesters are marked the minute they walk in to a prison, so by default they are sent to protective custody, cause let’s face it we wouldn’t want criminals, especially those who shattered a child’s life to get hurt in prison. It’s a bunch of bull crap, you committed a crime you go to jail and have to deal with the consequences.

Why are we even giving these criminals this much? They have prison baseball teams that travel around and play other teams including non criminal citizen teams. Why? Especially a murderer who is in for multiple life sentences. Yeah, Yeah I know some people are going to tell me that’s wrong, they can be rehabilitated. No no they can’t, yes there are some people who get caught up and it’s their 1st offense. I got it, those people probably can be rehabilitated. The person who has been in and out of jail multiple times and commits increasingly violent crimes will never be rehabilitated. There are people who are just criminals plain and simple and will never change.  We can’t fool ourselves into thinking they can.

Criminals are sent to prison because they can not be trusted to abide by the laws of our country. They are not to be sympathized with, they are not to be felt sorry for. They are criminals, if you ever forget that just go ask one of their victims. They are in prison for a reason, don’t forget that.

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