Sharpton is a criminal

Ever since Sharpton opened his mouth and called for escalation of civil unrest there have been attacks by black men on numerous other people. A few days ago hoodie wearing gunmen shot up a convenience store wounding 5 and killing 1. Yesterday 7 black teens assaulted a Hispanic teen, they challenged him to a fight then attacked. While they were beating him they were yelling racial slurs. If this continues to escalate we will have rioting to rival that of the race riots of the 1960’s.

Since Sharpton called for this escalation he should be held responsible for the criminal acts that arise. He should be charged with conspiracy to commit what ever crimes happen, inciting riots, RICO violations, and what ever else police can think up. Every thing Sharpton does is to incite hatred and violence between blacks and every other race on the planet. Do you remember the Tawana Brawley case? You know the black girl who was raped and urinated on by a group of “vicious white animals.” Well in the end it was proved Sharpton put her up to it to cause racial tensions to explode. I feel that Sharpton should be banned from public speaking. He is the kindle that will spark a new race war in this country and he must be stopped.

Read full article about hoodie killings here.

Read full article on 7 black teens attack hispanic teen here.

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