What is going wrong with this country

It is killing me to see what is happening to this country. The government trying to destroy our constitution, fear mongers stirring up racial tensions, the President causing financial divisions and class warfare among the citizens, and an energy crisis that those elected to stop are doing nothing about. What the hell is happening to my country. 237 years ago we revolted against a tyrant who was trying to control us from across the ocean, a tyrant who was doing exactly what our elected leaders are trying to do now.

I have fought and bled for my country alongside half a million of my brothers and sisters in arms, I have lost brothers fighting for this once great country. I have fought for the freedoms my commander-in-chief is trying to strip away from us. I have fought alongside women, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Homosexuals, I have fought along side people who love this country so much they weren’t even citizens, yet they went to war for this country. We together have gone to foreign lands and fought not only for our country but also for those who could not protect themselves. It was rough, we didn’t have the amenities that people take for granted like hot showers and food, running water, heat in the winter and ac in the summer. We did it because we love this country. And what I see going on now hurts me to my core.

The Trayvon Martin case is an example. A young black male shot by a neighborhood watch captain. A tragedy that no one can ever take back. I grieve for his parents, the loss of a child has to be the worst pain for a person to ever go through. But what is even more tragic is the way the case is being handled. First the President never should have commented on the case, it throws a bias on the case before it is even looked at by a court of law.  Second all these fear mongers- Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to name the most boisterous, need to shut up and let the legal system work. Third this case never should have even been mentioned in congress, let alone a congressman donning a costume to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin. Fourth the FBI, a special investigator and the DOJ have no place in this case. All of the previous examples throw a bias lean on the case, pressuring the court in Sanford, Florida to convict George Zimmerman even before he is charged or not charged with a crime. All these people are doing is destroying the foundation of our innocent until proven guilty system that is the best criminal justice system in the world.

The civil unrest that Al Sharpton is calling for is only going to lead to race riots and increased criminal activity. All he is doing is sending us back into the civil unrest and racial tensions of the 1960’s and back into Jim Crow and racial divides which we have mostly overcame. With everything else going on in the world right now we need to work together and stop the racial tension not aggravate it.

The President is not helping solve any of these racial problems. He may think his, “If I had a son he would be Trayvon,” remark was showing support, but all it did was divide the country more. This is not the only time he has tried to divide this country, instead of him trying to end this recension in a professional manner he has resorted to playing the rich against the middle class against those living in poverty. He’s trying to get his faulty legislation passed  by telling us that we need to help him get through to congress or else we will all fall into abject poverty, and yes I am giving tax breaks to the rich because then they will spend more money. Um yeah not going to happen, if he really wants to boos the economy make the rich pay all the taxes they owe instead of letting them jump through loop holes to avoid paying their taxes, let’s be real they can afford to pay their taxes, and no I am not advocating the socialist idea that they earn more so they can pay for those who do not work, I am just saying they can pay their share. Give the tax breaks to the lower middle class and those who live below the poverty level. These groups can’t afford to pay as high a percentage of their wages in taxes, and if they are given tax breaks and have more spendable income they will spend it, they have to, they don’t have the means to fatten a bank account or open an overseas bank account. They will spend their money on things like food, and clothes and if they are saving they are doing so for college for their children. I can only imagine that if Trayvon Martins family was able to afford the life every American deserves, if they were able to afford a college education, Trayvon might not have been at that place at that time. Maybe he would not have had the checkered past he did.

Anytime a person is ripped from this world unnaturally, through murder or disease, or by war it is a tragedy. The shooting of Trayvon Martin was such a tragedy, and even if George Zimmerman is not convicted he will have to live with that for the rest of his life, which is a sort of sentence in itself. But what we do not need to do is use this tragedy to further harm this country. Trayvon Martin deserves a fair trial, so does George Zimmerman. The only thing being done to this case by all this attention is giving the family of Trayvon Martin false hope. They are being told a crime was committed and Trayvon was murdered. What happens if George is found innocent, what will happen to Trayvons family then? This country deserves patience and understanding right now not calls for civil unrest. Trayvon Martin deserves to have his case brought to court and tried in a fair unbiased trial.


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