It was the SEALs

First off Obama did nothing more than say yes. That was his total involvement in the bin Laden raid. He was not there, he did not participate, he did see the sights, hear the sounds or smell the air in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He didn’t even have anything to do with getting the intel that led to the raid, as a matter of fact his administration decided the means used to get that intel was illegal and banned our intelligence agencies from using it again. So if the intel hadn’t already been available to him he never would have found bin Laden, let alone had the means to authorize a raid.

Now I do agree with one thing he did do in regards to the raid, he decided, and I’m not sure if he did it or if it was his advisors,  but I agree with the decision to not tell Pakistan the SEALs were coming. Telling the Pakistanis would have been like taking out a full-page advertisement in an Al Ja Zeera newspaper. I mean bin Laden was living less than 2 miles from their national military academy, and they didn’t know, yeah right.

Obama even trying to take credit for this is degrading to those who not only put their lives on the line that night, but those who put their lives on the line to get the intel that made that raid possible. Because you know if Obama is the great savior he would have sent a bomber in or a Tomahawk missile in to destroy what was left of the TOP SECRET air craft that went down in the raid. But yeah HE got bin Laden.


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A last ditch effort

In a last-ditch effort to garner votes the President has tried to appease Veterans going to college. He has taken aim at colleges that tailor to Veterans.  The White House action, which does not need congressional approval, aims mainly at for-profit colleges that market heavily to military families because of the easy availability of federal money under the GI Bill. Some post-secondary schools try to attract current and former military service members using deceptive military-themed websites that appear to be government-run or connected to the GI Bill benefit system, administration officials said.

There are colleges that do tailor to Veterans, and the majority are reputable. What Obama is doing is playing on the misconception that all of them are targeting Veterans. He is an embarrassment and needs to be out of a job in November.


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This is unacceptable

We are in a war, and in a war injury and death are unavoidable. But when the Armed Forces of the country we are there to help cause 20 percent of our casualties it is unacceptable. We are fighting in Afghanistan and it has become apparent that 1 in 5, or 20 percent of our casualties are caused by the Afghan Army. We are not only in danger of getting killed by the enemy but we also have to watch out for our “allies.”

When I was in Afghanistan over the summer part of my job was to stop the Afghan army from stealing our stuff. I would stake out our supplies after midnight and catch the Afghan Army stealing our stuff. I would cuff them and take them to their commanders, they would usually get the shit kicked out of them. I was told by my Colonel to stop doing my job because the Afghan Army threatened my life, they were getting embarrassed by getting caught and beat. Are you kidding me? NO. Punish them. If they want to continue doing things the way the have before we came to their rescue let them, pull out our military and let them get killed by the Taliban.

The Commandos of the Afghan Army are the cream of the crop. They are vetted through background checks and pass all kinds of tests to get on the Commando force. Now they are killing American Special Forces. This is unacceptable, we are there to help them. When it becomes more dangerous to help them than it is to go after the enemy it’s time for us to leave.

We got bin Laden, we did what we set out to do in Afghanistan, lets come home.


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We have secrets for a reason

The government classifies information for a reason. The government uses terms like Confidential, Classified, Secret, Top Secret, and a few others to restrict access to information. The reason they do this is because the release of certain information could damage our government. The release of other information could result in the death of Americans. Take the case of Bradley Manning, he released thousands of pages of classified information which resulted in damage to the United States. It revealed classified information as to how we conducted raids in combat, and how our military conducts raids. Information that could possibly lead to our enemies being better prepared for our troops and killing them.

People are up in arms about Area 51. They want to know exactly what goes on there. Um no. We have gained our Military strength and superiority by our secrecy.  Look at the U-2 and SR-71 spy plane projects, and the F-117 and B-1 stealth plane projects. Our government needs its secrets leave them be.

Then there was the much touted Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan. An elite team of Military operatives went in and got the worlds most wanted terrorist. Our government didn’t even tell Pakistan we were coming, they would have blown the op. Yes there were pictures and video taken, and no our government should not make them public. The publication of those pictures would only serve as a rally point for al queda and the Taliban. Leave them alone, bin Laden is dead let it go. Do we really need to see the pictures? I applaud Judge James Boasberg and his blocking of the release of those pictures. Leave our classified information alone.

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Obama and Osama part 2

First off Obama did not get Osama bin Laden. Members of Seal Team Six went in and got bin Laden. Obama sent Seal Team Six into Pakistan on intelligence gathered by George Bush. And let’s get real, Obama sent no one anywhere. Obama turned to his Military leaders and they chose who to send in. Yes I am a Soldier I live and breathe Army green, I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I know that sending Seal Team Six in was the right call, they are the best. Yes the Army has Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, better known as Delta Force, and they are one of the most elite forces in the world. But Seal Team Six is the best, hands down. And I guarantee Obama has no clue what the difference is between the two groups. So for Obama to say he got bin Laden her is lying. He was president when the intelligence gathered prior to him being elected found bin Laden. We need to separate what he was handed on a silver platter and what he actually did. He decided that the interrogation tactics used under Bush to get the intelligence that led to Osama, was illegal. So if Bush did not get the intelligence it never would have been gained.

Obama’s using the downfall of bin laden as his single greatest achievement is a lie. Yes the killing of Osama bin Laden was one of the greatest intelligence and military acts in recent memory, but it is NOT Obama’s to take credit for. Obama taking credit for this would be like me claiming I have the Congressional Medal of Honor, a lie. Do not be fooled into believing he had anything to do with getting bin Laden other than approving the operation.

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The ACLU is attacking laws again

The ACLU filed suit against Florida Governor Rick Scott saying his law requiring drug tests for government workers is unconstitutional. They ACLU said the law violated the 4th Amendment because there was no evidence the workers were taking illegal drugs. And a federal judge agreed with them. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want the Child Protection Services Officer showing up high off their ass, or the Police Officer or Fire Fighter or Paramedic, or even the emergency services dispatcher. The reason behind the drug testing is to ensure they do not use drugs. I am not saying any of those people use drugs or will use drugs, but the policy ensures they don’t.

This is not the only suit against a drug test law the ACLU has filed. They have also filed a suit last year saying Florida’s law requiring welfare recipients submit to drug tests was unconstitutional. Seriously? I have to take a drug test to work, they should have to take a drug test to get free money. That is my tax dollars going to them, I demand they submit to a drug test, I also demand they participate in either a job placement program or enroll in college or a vocational/technical school. If I am going to support them I damn well better be getting something for my money.

I am sick of people getting something for nothing. We have gone from a country of doing for ourselves to a country of beggars. I am afraid to wonder what our founding fathers would think about what we have become. Not even going that far back in our history, let’s just go back to 1944. The Greatest Generation, the WWII generation, a generation of can do. We went from those outstanding people, our grandmothers went to work as welders, and metal workers, to now women pumping out kids so they can get welfare and not have to work. I am embarrassed for us.

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As long as it’s said with a smile

According to the ACLU a death threat is covered under the freedom of speech as long as it is said with a smiley face emoticon attached. At least that’s what ACLU lawyer Gavin Rose is saying in the case of 3 eighth grade girls who were expelled from an Indiana school. The 3 girls made comments on Facebook about which of their classmates they would like to kill, but since the comments were accompanied by smiley faces and other emoticons they are covered under freedom of speech. The Indiana School District decided it was bullying and expelled the students. The ACLU filed suit in Hammond on behalf of the girls saying their right to free speech was violated.

Really, who in their right mind would even consider a death threat free speech? I guess the ACLU forgot about all the school shootings, and the bullying that is running rampant in or schools. By bringing this case to court they are saying it’s okay to threaten people as long as you do it with a smile. This is setting a very dangerous precedent, if the court over turns the expulsion it will signal open season for bullies as long as they do it with smiles and emoticons. The Judge should throw this case out and refuse to hear it. This just goes to show the ACLU cares about headlines and not the law or any ones civil liberties. The ACLU should be branded a terrorist organization and disbanded.

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NOW it’s our turn?

This video shows Obama saying “Now it’s our turn to feel responsible.” I thought that’s why he became president because he felt he was responsible to the country to make us better. Well apparently I was wrong. And this is why we need to send him packing, he is the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

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The TSA is getting out of control

There was Lenore Zimmerman, an 85-year-old grandmother who was strip searched, because she was afraid the full body scanner would interfere with her defibrillator. Then there was the 95-year-old cancer stricken grandmother who was not only strip searched, but then had the added humiliation of having her adult diaper forcibly removed, because during the pat down TSA agents  “felt something suspicious and they couldn’t determine what it was,” the agents told the woman’s daughter the underwear were wet and firm and they couldn’t search them. I understand being thorough, but come on now, a cancer stricken lady who has not set off any alarms and is wearing depends, dude really? There are hundreds of videos on the internet of questionable TSA searches. Including rough pat downs of the elderly and children.

The latest is the case of a 4-year-old girl accused of having a gun after hugging her grandmother. The little girl had passed through security with her parents, when her grandmother went through the scanner and set of an alarm, the little girl ran back and hugged her. The young girl was immediately detained by security agents, who apparently shouted at her that she would have to be frisked too, and refused to let her mother explain what has happening. The TSA agent had repeatedly alluded to the little girl having been given a gun by her grandmother. The little girl was horrified and tried to run away, this little girl is 4 years old. The TSA kept saying the little girl was a “high security threat” and when the little girl wouldn’t calm down the TSA agent ordered her to stop crying. The family was told if the little girl was not frisked they would have to leave the airport, the TSA agents said they would shut the Airport down if the girl kept refusing to be searched. One agent went as far as saying she had seen a gun in a teddy bear. Really, I want to know who this TSA agent that saw a gun in a teddy bear is. Because that would mean they were actually doing their job and not letting the little power they have go to their head.

The little girls nightmare was not over yet. During a connecting flight in Denver, an airport employee demanded to know which of the family was the high security threat – and ‘looked really confused’ when the girl was pointed out to her.

This is getting out of hand. These TSA agents have too little training, and too much power. They wield their power like an iron fist, and threaten and abuse innocent people. It needs to stop.


You shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place

This story pisses me off to no end. This Jennifer Tyrrell knew the scouts don’t allow homosexuals in, it has been in the news about gay scouts and leaders getting kicked out. She became a den mother knowing that she was doing something wrong. How can she teach these boys to be fine upstanding citizens when she’s breaking the rules to begin with? She is wrong and she needs to stop crying cause she got caught. If I as a heterosexual male apply for a job as a hairdresser and the jobs specifically states homosexual only, whose fault is it when I get caught and get fired? It would be mine because I took that job knowing I wasn’t gay and lied about it. It was the same way in the Military before DADT was repealed, a homosexual could not come out and say they were gay or they got kicked out. They knew it was against the rules and did it anyway, and they bitched when they got caught and punished. THEY WERE WRONG, and so is Jennifer Tyrrell, she knew the rules of the scouts and she broke them. Don’t cry you got caught. Get over it. Organizations have rules and regulations for a reason, if you can’t abide by those rules and regulations don’t join those organizations, period. Don’t join against the rules than cry when you get caught, what does that show our younger generation? That it’s okay to break the rules if you’re gay? Mrs’ Tyrrell sullied the image of the Scouts by breaking the rules. Now she’s doing even more damage by telling these young people it’s okay to do the wrong thing if you’re gay and blame discrimination, then you get the other person, who was doing the right thing in trouble, and you look like the one who was wronged.

If you can’t abide by the rules and regulations of a group, stay the hell out of that group. I would not send my boy to a Scout troop with a homosexual leader, not because of the sexual orientation, but because the leader is breaking the rules, and I want my child to learn the right way to do things. Not the, “I’m joining your group and you will change the rules for me or you are oppressing me,” way of doing things.


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