The Flag

I was on Facebook and came upon a post which sickened me, and pissed me off beyond belief. It was in response to an individual named Yo Rakhan. It was about a picture I refuse to share, I refuse to share because looking at this picture made me want to go find the individual in it and put a bullet in his head. The picture showed an Occupy Wall Street protester defecating on the American Flag. Not only was the Flag thrown on the rain soaked street, which in and of itself is a disgrace, but this punk was stark naked defecating on the Flag. And when an American Service Member took issue with the picture Yo Rakhan, an OWS supporter,  commented and called all of us “fascist”, “stormtrooping war mongrels” and “murderers”. He also tried to claim that his fellow oxygen thief wasn’t shitting on the flag and that we made it up in our minds. If you want to see the picture go to US Army WTF! moments page on Facebook and look at the album wall photos.  I can’t even look at the picture with out going into an almost blind rage.

When the admins of US Army WTF! moments called this oxygen thief out on his being about as smart as a head of lettuce a Mr Kevin Kinsley chimed in with “Dude, I get it okay? But why is it that so many people get so pissed off when the flag gets treated like this, but don’t give a fuck when the principals that the flag is supposed to stand for are shat on every day? Personally, the flag is just a piece of cloth to me, and I think anyone who is willing to die for it is in an idiot. The difference between a boy and a man is a boy is looking for something to die for, and a man is looking for something to live for.” Let me point out a few things:

1. So many people get pissed when the Flag gets treated like that because it is the symbol of The United States of America. It stands for everything we believe in and will fight for.

2. Every man and woman who serves our country gets pissed off more than you can know when the principles behind the Flag get as he so eloquently put it get shat on everyday.

3. The American Flag instill in the men and women of the Armed Forces the will to close in with, engage and destroy our enemies. It is a symbol of all we hold dear and everything we are willing to lay down our lives for.

4. Every one in the Armed Forces has something to live for, we have families that we love and who love us, and we want more than anything in this world to be with them until we grow old. The difference between us and you and people like you, is that we also have love enough for our fellow Americans that we will go to war and defend you and yes we will lay down our lives if need be so that this country and everyone in it can live free. And we will follow that Flag in to battle and yes we will lay our lives down so that the American Flag will not fall.

That is what makes our country great, there are people who are not afraid to go into harms way, so that the rest of our country can live in peace. We do it so our families, and our fellow countrymen and women do not have to live in fear, and can go on with their lives with out worry. There were only to people in history who ever laid their life down for you, Jesus and the American Service Member. No I am not saying that we are Jesus, but I am saying we have the love of Jesus, we love something so much more than just us and we will fight and die for it. I pity the person who has nothing in this world they love more than themselves. And I have nothing but scorn for the individual who lives in this country under the freedom given to them by the selfless acts of the American Service Member and then questions our motives for doing so. If you really feel that this country is all mixed up and backwards you can always leave.

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