Big Sis strikes again

The DHS at the direction of Janet Napolitano is in the process of granting illegal alien family members of American citizens an “Unlawful presence waiver” which in effect would grant backdoor amnesty to these illegals. This is part of the obamistakes plan to blow of congress and use executive power to enact laws he wants. This is dangerous, it is looking like he wants to grab power he is not entitled to. Between him and his cronies we are doomed if he gets reelected. We need to get rid of all these corrupt individuals in government, they are systematically destroying our country. Read the full article here.

I find it suspect that this policy of backdoor amnesty is now coming to light after obamistakes uncle Onyango got caught driving drunk while in this country illegally. If you look at the timeline of this policy it was thought up right around the time his aunt Zeituni Onyango’s immigrant status came around. He is trying to change the law to allow not only his illegal family, but the illegal aliens of all American citizens gain legal status without punishment for breaking the law. He needs to get his family, and the family of all the other illegal aliens need to get their family here legally, and if they happen to be here with out legal status they need to be deported. It cost me almost $5000 dollars to get my immigrant wife here legally, is the government going to give me that money back when they grant mass amnesty to these illegal aliens? Is the government going to pay back everyone who did the right thing and went through the immigration process? This backdoor amnesty is not only illegal but a slap in the face not only to the actual ICE agents who are doing their job, but to those of us who did the right thing to get our family members here.



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