Obamistake again attacks our only true Mid-East Friend

The obamistake launched another attack at our only true friend in the Middle East, Israel. His administration blames Israeli posturing on Iran’s nukes as the reason American gas prices are so high. He blamed Bush, and it didn’t work, he blamed the slow advancement of alternative energy as the reason and we saw right through that, so now he’s blaming Israels stance on Iran. Hmmm, so who is he going to blame next? You know because we import so much of our oil from Iran. The top 5 countries we import oil from are:
1. Canada (18.2%)
2. Mexico (11.4%)
3. Saudi Arabia (11.0%)
4. Venezuela (10.1%)
5. Nigeria (8.4%)

I see where Israeli, Iranian troubles could cause our gas prices to skyrocket. It’ isn’t like we could help oil prices by, oh I don’t know building a pipeline from our biggest oil supplier directly to our refineries. That would be impossible. The obamistake needs to stop blaming everyone else in the world for his screw ups, he didn’t inherit a damn thing, he wanted it because he believed he could do a better job than his predecessor. It’s not really his fault you know, the education system in his home country of Kenya didn’t prepare him to be president. Oh it helped him counterfeit his birth certificate, but nothing else.

Read the article about his administration blaming Israel here.



One thought on “Obamistake again attacks our only true Mid-East Friend

  1. So of course you realize that who we import the oil from has no bearing? That the prices are set on a world market- a market heavily affected by the futures markets? And that indeed- the recent price spike, due in large part to the futires market, coincides with Israels dangerous game with Iran, AND with the republican candidates saying publicly they would attack Iran?

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