Obamistakes drunk driving illegal uncle back on the road

Onyango Obama, the illegal alien uncle of our worthless leader, is driving again a week after losing his license for drunk driving. He received a hardship license to drive because, “life with out driving would cause undo hardship on him.” Seriously? He needs his license to dive to his job at a LIQUOR STORE! What sense does that make? Not only has he been here illegally for 2 decades, but he also drives while intoxicated, and then tries to get out of trouble by telling the arresting officers to call the obamistake to clear it up. When are we going to start enforcing our laws? When is the president of the United States going to stop participating in nepotism, not only is this uncle of his here illegally but also an aunt of his is also, and start enforcing the laws he took an oath to uphold? This is way out of hand, at the least the obamistake should be impeached, his actions are not only contrary to our constitution, but they border on criminal. He is not above the law, he should be held to a higher standard than average citizens, he is the face of our country. What does it tell other countries about us to have such an incompetent, unqualified, overtly subversive individual leading our country?




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