ID to vote

You need ID to purchase tobacco, alcohol, purchase a gun, hell you now need ID to take the SATs. So why are the Dems up in arms over requiring ID to vote. The Dems have taken it so far as boycotting Coke, Wal-Mart and other businesses in states where ID is required to vote. Why are they taking out their fears of losing on businesses actually trying to keep people who are not allowed to vote from voting. OK the big issue is it will keep illegal aliens from voting, they are not allowed by law to vote, so the Dems pushing for them to be able to vote is a crime that borders on treason. There is also another sector of the population that is not allowed to vote, people convicted of felonies, yeah criminals, just like the illegal aliens, they are criminals who are not allowed to vote. We have laws in this country for a reason, and anyone who advocates breaking those laws is still a criminal, even if he is the president. We have to stop this now. He has already crippled this country, if we allow criminals to reelect him he will finish in destroying it. He has shown how much he wants to destroy our country, we need to hold him accountable. And is it any wonder the obamistake is against ID to vote, he did falsify his birth certificate so he could illegally become president.

Read the full boycott article here.



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