All this Racism bullshit needs to STOP!

I am sick and tired of hearing all this crap about how one race is being attacked, and another race is trying to take over the country. The Trayvon Martin case is tragic, and he may have been profiled, but it does not mean he was shot because he was black. Contrary to reports by NBC George Zimmerman is not a white male, he is Hispanic. And no matter how much Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want it to look like it, this is not an attack on blacks. No one cries race war when a black kills a white, so why every time a black is a victim is it racism? Why can’t it be a tragedy, be grieved over and moved on from?

Now you have the very respectable, Marion Barry calling to rid DC of all the Asians and their “dirty shops” and move African-Americans in their place. WTF? America was founded as a melting pot for all races. Yes we had our problems, slavery was an abomination that can never truly be forgiven, and must never be forgotten. The race riots of the 1960’s as horrendous as they were, they were necessary to over come the racial prejudice that engulfed this country. But apparently there are some people who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past. It is cliche but it is very true, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Then there are those who want to relive history no matter how bad it was. I believe Sharpton and Jackson are an example of this. They jump on any incident where a black person is the victim and turn it racial. I fully believe in our constitution, I believe every one has the freedom of speech, unless that speech is aimed at harming some one. And everything Sharpton and Jackson have said, not only about the Trayvon Martin tragedy, but anytime they speak is aimed at racially dividing this country. This is unacceptable.

I use my time in the Army as an example a lot, because it is relative in all I talk about. Being in the Army you have to be able to get along with everyone you work with. Especially in the Army at war, you get along or you might not make it home. In my unit there are Asians, Hispanics, Whites, Pacific Islanders, African-Americans, Africans, hell there was even a former Captain in the Russian Army,  people from all over the world. And we count on each other, sometimes in life or death situations, and I never once thought of skin color or country of origin when the shit hit the fan. The only thing that worrying about a person’s race would do is destroy unit cohesion and combat effectiveness. I fully believe every American should do at least one tour of at least 3 years in the Military, it would help them see that it takes all kinds, colors, creeds, genders, to accomplish the mission. They would then take that experience into the real world and it would make them all better Americans. They would learn to get along, they might not like each other, but they would learn to work together.

As parents we need to teach our children to look past skin color. I am lucky to have had the chance to take my daughter all over this world, and she sees people, not color. I truly feel this was a blessing because she knows almost nothing of racism. She wants to get along with everyone. And every time I get to see her play with all her friends I see how the world should be, every one getting along and having fun. If children can do it why can’t we as adults?


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