First hair dryers now Kinder Eggs

Big Sis is keeping us safe once again. She has instructed her CBP officers to be on the look out for a dangerous weapon being smuggled into the US. First she had her officers stop thousands of hair dryers being brought in from Mexico, now she is having her officers be on the look out for Kinder Eggs. A Kinder Egg is a seasonal Easter candy consisting of a chocolate egg with a small plastic toy inside. These have been deemed dangerous by the US Government and banned from being brought into the states. So Big Sis is being ever vigilant for these dangerous weapons of mass destruction. She is so focused on stopping them she has no time to take on any other projects, such as keeping illegal aliens out, or deporting the ones already here. I understand it’s hard to multitask. I thank her for looking out for our safety like this, I don’t know what I’d do if those pesky Kinder Eggs got into our country.

Read the full article here.



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