Getting pulled over for violating the law is not racial profiling.

I don’t care who you are or what color you are if you violate driving laws and get pulled over you are not being racially profiled. Even if you are black and get pulled over by white Police Officers, if you violated the law it is not profiling. Now if you are obeying all traffic laws and get pulled over, and the cops start making comments about gang banging, or running drugs, they may be profiling you.

I say all that because on April 1st Tyler Perry, a black comedian, was pulled over by 2 white cops in Atlanta  for making an illegal turn. He made a left turn on a multilane  road from the far right lane. He said he did it because his security told him that’s the way you check if you’re being tailed. The white Officers, who did not know who he was, pulled him over for the illegal lane change. When Tyler Perry told them he did it because of his security, he claims one of the Police Officers, again they did not know who he was, “badgered” him as to why he thought people were tailing him. He goes on to say the other Officer started banging on his passenger window, because apparently the Officer had a problem with the windows tint. He has no clue what he officer was thinking.

Read the full Reuters article here.

So according to this logic a black man getting pulled over by white Police Officers is racial profiling, it has nothing to do with the fact some one was breaking the law. He was black the police were white so it’s racial profiling. This is what is wrong with society today, no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. They blame everyone else and claim they are being oppressed because they aren’t given everything they want for free. People need to grow up and take responsibility for their actions, if you do something and get caught admit it. Every one screws up, be an adult and take your punishment. Do not try to get the Police in trouble for doing their job, it’s hard enough without having to worry about some one who doesn’t want to get in trouble by calling them a racist.

Until we all learn to get along and live, and work together this country can never get back to the great country we were. Our past behavior with racism and civil separation should be a lesson to us all. Until we stop seeing people as colors, or races, or religions, or sexual orientations and start seeing them as people we will never fully be free of the racial division that has recently come back on us. We need to stop listening to people trying to divide us along racial lines. We need as a country to stand up and get rid of the KKK, the Aryan brotherhood, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, Malcolm X, and every other group that claims racial superiority. All you have to do is look to history to see that no race is superior to any other. Look at the inventors, the Olympic champions, Nobel Peace Prize winners, the academics, and you will see every race, creed, gender, religion in them. This world could not have survived this long with out all races, and it will not last much longer unless we all live together.

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