Now we see where all our tax money goes

$700,000 for a new soccer field for terrorists being held in GITMO, $820,000 for a lavish meeting in Vegas for the GSA, $5 billion to pay for Afghanistan’s security, over $7 billion in aid to Pakistan, billions in aid to countries we consider enemies. Now I can understand why the government doesn’t have enough to pay for retired Military healthcare. It’s not like we spend 20 or more years doing the most grueling and demanding job on the planet, we do get to travel around the world for free to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and other vacation spots like them. I understand we’re not agency chairpersons, and we don’t have to travel to hell holes like Las Vegas for boring conferences, I mean you could get pick pocketed or lose in the casinos, man that’s dangerous. It’s hard being an agency head, you have to worry about personnel, and equipment, and budgets. Wait did I say budgets, my bad they don’t worry about that, they can spend as much as they want, they’ll just take what they need from lower priority programs like the Department of Defense, or Military healthcare, or retiree healthcare.

I need to take a government economics class, somehow they can spend trillions of dollars, not raise any money and still come out ahead. I really need to know how that happens. I know if I’m a day late on a payment to a creditor they are on the phone harassing me, I want to know how the Dept. of Treasury fails to pay all our government bills and yet gets to borrow more, that’s some trick.




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