Our Supreme Court baffles Europe

So apparently Europe doesn’t understand how our Supreme Court could possibly strike down obamacare. Well apparently they didn’t learn that we really don’t care what they understand, that’s what happens when you lose a revolution. Europe wonders how obamacare, which apparently grants healthcare to everyone, can be an affront to liberty. That right there shows they don’t understand obamacare either. This healthcare magic wand never granted healthcare to everyone, it mandated that everyone purchase health insurance. There is a huge difference between global healthcare and mandatory purchase of insurance.

Kevin Powell of the UK’s The Guardian called the debate “surreal” in his Monday column. “Wasn’t the point to make sure the richest and most powerful nation on the planet could protect its own people, as other nations do?” he wrote. “If Americans are promised not just liberty but life and happiness, is there not a constitutional right to affordable healthcare?” This makes the third item in this article that baffles the Brits, our constitution escapes them. There is nothing in our constitution that guarantees affordable healthcare. The constitution guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, nothing about healthcare. And obamacare does not promise affordable healthcare either, if you look you will find that healthcare costs have skyrocketed since it’s inception. I recommend Europe solve its own problems, like the melt down in Greece, the faltering of the Euro, the terrorists running amokĀ  in France, just to name a few.

Oh and just because Europe has socialist healthcare and anybody can walk into any hospital and be seen, doesn’t mean their doctors are any good, that’s why patients from all over the world come to The United States to get quality healthcare. Europe go stick your nose in the business of a country that hasn’t kicked the crap out of you and saved your ass in 2 world wars, okay, thanks.


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