State Department to bar tax delinquents from leaving US

Barring citizens from travel has been a hall-mark of communist countries for decades. Now there is a bill before congress, Senate Bill 1813, which has a provision to allow the State Department to bar individual seriously delinquent in taxes to leave the country. This is a slippery slope our government is traveling, one in which return is almost impossible. I guess this administration doesn’t really care about returning from a bad choice, otherwise the president wouldn’t have threatened the Supreme Court about overturning obamacare.

This provision is hidden in the bill and you have to really look to find it. Is this the transparency Obama promised? This just shows the lengths congress will go to to pass hidden laws. I would like to see one day when congress openly presents all new legislation and allows us to know exactly what they are doing. They should not be trying to pass laws hidden within laws. They should have learned their lesson when the Supreme Court was asked to judge the constitutionality of obamacare.

This is one more step toward the socialist haven Obama wants. We need to remind him and the rest of his cronies that we hold the power not them. They are entrusted to serve us and uphold the constitution, they are not all-powerful and we will not stand for the systematic destruction of out country. Barring citizens free travel, no matter how much they owe the government is in direct contrast to the values in which this country was founded. Lets face it, if we’re going to bar people from travel due to owing large sums of money than everyone in the current administration would be banned from leaving the country.

We are sick and tired of our representatives lying, hiding, and cheating, and we are not going to take it anymore. CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!


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