The American Flag

There is a trend I have been noticing as I drive around and it is appalling me. Everywhere I go it seems people are using the American Flag as a canvas for art. They are putting pictures on the Flag they do not belong there and it is annoying me to no end. I have seen the stars removed from the field of blue and replaced with pictures such as Obamas face, the peace symbol, a motorcycle, and I have even seen someone put their own picture on it.
This is an affront to everyone who has shed blood defending the Flag. It is a slap in the face to those who have given their lives in it’s defense. I personally get upset when I see such disrespect of the Flag.
The American Flag is not just a piece of cloth to be used as decoration. It symbolizes our nation and what we stand for. It tells the story of our past. It was born in defiance of a tyrant. It first spilled blood during the American Revolution. It cried over the division of the country during the Civil War where it almost fell. I was raised in victory after 2 World Wars. It was raised over once enemy territory on a small island in the South Pacific called Iwo Jima. The sight of the Flag flying high on that mountain rejuvenated a demoralized, beaten down force of US Marines giving them the strength to advance and defeat the enemy. The picture taken that day of those 5 Marines and 1 Navy Corpsman raising that Flag still inspires national pride. Millions of American service men and women have followed that Flag overseas into harms way to fight for our country. Many of whom have come back broken physically and mentally, and if you ask them they would do it again in a heart beat. For those unlucky enough to have been taken captive during war, the Flags they were able find or sew themselves gave them the resolve and strength they needed to overcome the hardship and come back home.
Those brave souls who go to war and make the ultimate sacrifice come home in a casket draped in the Red, White, and Blue. It is the last honor they receive on their way home to rest.
Old Glory, The Colors, The American Flag, the Red, White, and Blue, no matter what name it goes by it is the symbol of us, it has our history written in the Stars and Stripes. And it deserves more honor than being used for cheap decoration.


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