Homeless Veterans

There is an epidemic happening among military veterans and it’s a tragedy. The country’s heroes go to deploy bases around the world, on Navy ships at sea, and to combat, where ever they are asked to go. They do it selflessly and without complaint. Then they come home and many of them are homeless. They come home and for reasons that are their own they decide to leave military service, they look for jobs, or go to college, they look forward to a normal life. Most of them get it, but there is the group that come home and end up on the streets. They come home with invisible wounds, PTSD, alcoholism, drug addiction, and they don’t know how to get help. This is wrong, it is losing faith with our returning heroes. We are not giving them what they deserve, what they earned. Because surely they have earned at the very least a place to come back to that they can call home.Some of them get into transitional housing run by the government, the sad fact is that most of that housing is unfit for human habitation. It has to stop.

We can not continue to look the other way and pretend this is not happening. We need to show our veterans we care about them as much as they care about us. Without them we would not have the lives we have, we would not be living in the comfort that we have become accustomed to.  We need to tell congress that they can not cut funding to house and feed our homeless veterans. We owe them that.


Read the article about homeless Navy veteran Misha McLamb here.


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