New Black Panther Party calls for violence

The New Black Panther Party has called for April 9th to be a day of action, they have called for a race war. Between the hate spewing violence coming from the NBPP, and the armed Nazis walking around Sanford, Florida we have the beginnings of a perfect storm of violence. This country is spiraling down into an abyss, and we may not be able to stop. This calling for violence should be stopped immediately. With the recording of the NBPP advocating violence and bloodshed the leaders should be arrested and charged with inciting a riot at the very least.

This racial tension that is growing each day through attacks and violence filled hate speech will be our downfall. With our president obviously taking sides, if he gets reelected it will just speed up our descent. This is a very dangerous time for us. Unless we use our heads and not our emotions this will never end, it will just get bigger and bigger until we have a race war to rival that of the 1960’s. I thought we learned our lesson, apparently not. And with the NBPP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the Neo-Nazis getting involved it will lead to disaster. I urge every one of you to step back and help stop the spread of violence that resulted from a tragic incident.


Listen to the NBPP calling for violence recording here.


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