Where is Obama’s sympathy in this case?

A  white man beaten and robbed and left naked in the streets of Baltimore by a group of blacks. Where is Obama on this one? Where are the calls for civil unrest? Where are the people wearing green T-shirts on the floor of congress? Where is the call for green T-shirt day? I’ll tell you where, NO WHERE, that’s where. Why you ask, because it was tragic and those involved and the loved ones of the victim are letting the Police do their job and investigate and hopefully arrest those responsible. The victim and his family and friends know the attack was a crime and are confident that the Police will bring the guilty to justice. Unlike the Trayvon Martin case where those involved know Trayvon was wrong, and Zimmerman was right. They know that a jury will never find him guilty, so they are crying, whining and moaning because they want the world to think the shooting was racial when it wasn’t. And Obama knows that in this case the blacks were the perpetrators and he can’t gain the minority vote if he comes out in support of a white victim. CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!


See the video and read the article here.


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