Lying about a lotto ticket

Recently the Mega Millions jackpot was $656 million, and millions of people bought tickets. Every one who bought a ticket hoped they would have the golden ticket to a life of ease. I never bought a ticket but I still imagined what it would be like to have even a portion of that money, what I would buy, not having to worry about college for my kids, would I still work, even part-time, where would I travel, but in the end I knew the odds, 1 in 170 million, were against me. I can only imagine the elation the winners felt, winning their share of half a billion dollars. I can also imagine what it will be like if they don’t plan for that money, there are way too many stories of lotto winners going broke. But I do congratulate them on their winning.

There is one incident from this record-setting jackpot that confuses me though. Mirlande Wilson came forward right after the announcement that a winning ticket had been purchased in Maryland. She held a press conference with her lawyer, she said that although she put money in to tickets with her coworkers at a McDonald’s the winning ticket was hers alone, that she bought it separately from the joint tickets. No surprise there, of course a greedy person would claim that it was the only ticket not bought with communal money that won. Where the story did start to go awry was when she said she couldn’t find the ticket because she hid it at the McDonald’s that she worked at. What, wait what? You supposedly hid the ticket that won you over $100 million at work, where you say it was not apart of the pool from your work, hmmm, yeah not buying it. The truth finally came out and as anyone with half a brain could see Mirlande Wilson was lying. The real winner of the Mega Millions from Maryland was actually 3 people who work in the education field and none of them worked at the McDonald’s with Mirlande Wilson.

My question is why lie about something you know you’re going to get caught at? And then to do so in the very public forum of the Lotto, what was she thinking? Did she think the Lotto organizers would just say, “OK you came forward, we understand you can’t find your ticket. Here’s $100 million have a nice day.” Is she really that stupid? And her lawyer, seriously, did he really believe her? Her story had more holes than a pair of fish net stockings, you would have to be almost brain-dead to have believed it. After she pulled this stunt and said it’s my ticket and not my coworkers, does she think her coworkers are just going to be like you really didn’t win so we’ll forgive the knife you stabbed us in the back with?

This is just another example of what a free loading society we are living in today. Mirlande Wilson did nothing and expected some one to give her $100 million dollars. If I was the Lotto organizers I would press charges against her for attempted grand theft, and push for jail time. What she did is attempted to steal money that wasn’t hers. I will never believe she didn’t know her tickets were losing tickets when she came public.

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