Screw Pakistan

Pakistan kicked all of the American troops out after the successful raid on Osama Bin Laden Abbotobad compound. The Pakistani government said we operated unlawfully by not letting them in on the raid. The reason our government didn’t let them in on it was oh I don’t know, maybe because Bin Laden had been living in the country for almost a decade, and about 2 miles down the road from the official Pakistani military academy and they say they never knew. I’m calling bull on that one. How does your military not know the worlds most wanted terrorist is living with in sight of your premier military academy? The answer is it doesn’t, they knew he was there, and they allowed it. So we went in killed him and never told them we were doing it, so we were banished.

The bull doesn’t end there. There was an avalanche in Pakistan that killed over 100 people. The great military and civil servants of Pakistan couldn’t deal with it. No shit, their military is about as effective as the Boy Scouts are. No I take that back, the Boy Scouts are far more effective than the Pakistani military. This is the kind of actions that piss me off about our government. The Pakistani’s were hiding Bin Laden from us, we took him out and they got pissed cause we caught them in a lie, so they kick us out. Got it not a problem handle your own business, but know we will act on intel if we find out you are hiding terrorists again. It didn’t take long for the Pakistani government to realize they suck at life, an avalanche hits and who do they cry to? US of course, well I say screw them and leave them to their fate. They not only hid the mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on our country in history, they kicked us out for taking care of our business. So I say screw them and let them deal with their own problems. I just want to know where our government got the money to help them any way I thought we were broke.

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