Aid to foreign terrorists

Obama has approved a non lethal aid package to Syrian rebels. The package includes communication equipment and medicine. Wait, medicine? So he can afford to send medicine to people who have done absolutely nothing for our country, yet he demands cuts to medical care for Military members and Military retirees. Does anyone else realize what he is doing to our country? Weakening our Military while strengthening foreign rebels, how does he even justify that to himself? He is loosing faith with the heroes of our country and fortifying ties with foreign rebels. If this is not treason it’s at least subversion. He is choosing to take care of and equip foreign rebels while eroding those same benefits for our own national defense. This is another shining example of how he is trying to destroy this country and form a New World Order where the United States is subservient to the middle east. We can not let him have another term to finish killing our country. CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!

Read the full article about Obama’s support for Syrian rebels here.


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