Color blind

The Trayvon Martin shooting highlights a problem in our society. Before any facts came to light, before anyone knew what had happened, we knew Trayvon was black and the shooter, George Zimmerman, was white.  And instantly George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin because he was black, and it was a racially motivated shooting. Then we got the hate spewing fear mongering liar Al Sharpton saying George Zimmerman was a racist and should be convicted without a trial. And we had NBC play edited 911 tapes making Zimmerman look like a racist. Then the New Black Panther Party joined in saying they were calling for violence against the crackers, the white devils, it was open season on whites. Jesse Jackson cried, “blacks are under attack!!” Even the president voiced his opinion, which was totally the wrong thing to do, not because of his skin color, but because the president is supposed to impartial and unbiased, and his remarks were full of partiality and bias.

We took an already tragic situation and turned it into something ugly and full of hatred. Why? Weren’t the race riots and wars of the 1950′ and 60’s and early 70’s enough of a wake up call? Didn’t we have enough hatred? Wasn’t there enough violence and killing over skin color? Something no one has any control over.People can choose their political views, there personal views, and who their  friends are, but they have no choice over their skin color. I hate the the views expressed by the New Black Panther Party, Malcom X, Louis Farakhan, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Aryan Nation, the Neo-Nazis, and Al Sharpton, they all  spew hatred and try to continue to racially divide this country. They took this tragic incident and transformed it into the beginnings of the next race war. When they talk we all need to tune them out and not listen to their race hate.

I went to war against Muslim extremists, does that mean I am supposed to hate all Muslims? Well I didn’t get that memo because some of my best friends other than my team mates who are my brothers, were Abbas, Selah, Mohamed, Ali, Ah-mjed, Ar-shed, and Adnon, all part of the Iraqi Army and all Shi’ite Muslims. When Mohamed, a 6 or 7 year old Iraqi boy, was killed I cried. They weren’t even my countrymen, but I cared about them, I fought alongside the Iraqi Army, and when Iraqi soldiers were wounded I ran in to the kill zone of an IED strike while still being shot at to render 1st aid. When a gun truck from my unit was hit by an IED and the crew wounded, neither me nor any other soldier I know asked what color were the injured people, we just grabbed our gear and hauled ass to help. Skin color played no part in our actions.

I really do believe this country and this world would be better places if we were all color blind. Why do we have to be white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Mormon? Why can’t we just be American?



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