Preventive Self Defense,hmm that’s a new one

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, the nut job that set of an explosion to draw emergency workers away while he killed teenagers, is using this as a defense in his trial. Preventive Self Defense, he killed all those teenagers because they posed a threat to him? I’m pretty sure none of them knew his name, or even that he existed. He’s using this defense theory, yet he wants the judge to rule him sane to stand trial. Why even defend yourself if your dead set against pretty much getting a free pass with an insanity ruling?

He is claiming he set the bomb off in Oslo that killed 8, and went on a shooting rampage at an island camp mostly for children of those in government, to defend the ethnic Norwegian population and as a preventive attack against state traitors that support multiculturalism. His lawyer stated that Breivik is going to defend his actions and lament that he was unable to go further. He killed 77 people, how much further does he think he could have gone? Did he want to kill everyone in Norway? I want to know who appointed him savior of the Norwegian people, who didn’t think they needed saving?

This guy is nuts. Killing kids and teens because they pose a threat to ethnic Norwegians, does anyone think he is sane? Of course he’s going to say he’s sane, mentally unstable people always think they are sane. I’m not a psychiatrist but I have seen enough mentally unstable people to realize he is not right.

To think he’s going to get off for stopping something that hasn’t happened yet is a stretch. I don’t know how it works in Norway, but I guarantee no jury would let him off for preventive self-defense. I don’t think a judge would even consider that a defense. I really hope the judge in Norway rejects this defense.

Read the article here.

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