Looks like it’s all fun for the Obama administration

Apparently Obama and his staff think it’s party time. We have the GSA spending $820,000 on a conference in Las Vegas, their 5 day tax payer funded vacation in Hawaii for a ribbon cutting ceremony that only lasted 1 hour, and their jackass awards which GSA employees have said were only an excuse for a party. There is the Secret Service who thinks it’s a good idea to go to a foreign country, where they are supposed to be getting ready for the president’s arrival, and hire hookers. Then there’s Hillary Clinton who decided to party down in a night club in Columbia while attending the Summit of the Americas. Finally we have Obama stating his only reason for attending the summit was to scout out Michelle’s next vacation spot.

Lets take the GSA first with their exorbitant conference in Vegas. Here are some of their expenditures:

$31,000 on a “networking reception” that featured $19-per-person “American artisanal cheese display” and $7,000 in sushi.

Taxpayers also footed the bill for a $3,200 session with a mind reader, $5,600 for in-room parties, $3,700 for T-shirts and almost $2,800 in water bottles.

$12,000 to a consultant for help in finding the location they would repeatedly visit.

Read the full article here.

A member of the Secret Service, which is responsible for Obama’s security, was accused of bringing a prostitute back to his hotel room in Columbia, then arguing over the price. This not only was an embarrassment to the US, but it resulted in 11 members of that detail being returned to the US and replaced, which was shouldered by the taxpayers.

Read the full article here.

Now there is evidence that Hillary Clinton is partying in at least one night club while she is on an official government business.

I am so glad she’s enjoying herself with taxpayer-funded security from the Diplomatic Security Service. She is in a foreign country that has shaky ties with the US at best, and she decides to go out into a place that can not be properly secured. Way to waste my tax dollars.

Finally we have Obama, who at a summit in Columbia said he was only there to scout out Michelle’s next vacation spot. Are you serious? That is just plain wrong, even if it was an attempt at humor it shows he knows the country is upset with him and his wife’s vacation. I am getting sick of hearing about his and his wife’s vacations when the average American can barely afford food and gas. He is so out of touch with those he is supposed to be representing it is unbelievable. He s using his presidency as a tax  payer funded trip around the world, it wouldn’t be so bad but a lot of his and his families travels are private vacations and golf outings.

Read the article and see the  video here.

I wish I had half of the vacation time this administration has taken, I would even pay for it myself. These taxpayer-funded trips and outings need to be stopped. With our national debt spiraling out of control this is money we can’t afford to be spending.


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