Karzai wants nothing to do with us except……

This weekend the citizens in Kabul were woken up to explosions around the city. The Taliban attacked the US Embassy and Afghan government buildings. Taliban fighters took over buildings in Kabul and used them to stage the attacks on the Embassy and government buildings. The Taliban said this was in response to US and NATO press releases saying there would be no spring offensive because the Taliban was too strung out to fight. There were no military gains by the Taliban, who said they did this to prove they could. The US and NATO have praised the actions of the Afghan security forces on their quick response and over coming the attack. What was Hamid Karzai’s response to this? “The terrorists’ infiltration in Kabul and other provinces is an intelligence failure for us and especially for NATO and should be seriously investigated.” (Read the article here.)

What the hell? He’s been decrying the occupation of his country by foreign forces for the past year, saying his government and security forces could secure his country. He has put so many restrictions on the way NATO forces, and especially the US, operate that it has made this scenario possible. He screams and cries about innocent Afghans getting wounded or killed, and say it’s the US’s fault for conducting operations at night. Let me let you in on a secret, we conduct those operations at night because we have the technology and the Taliban and Al queda doesn’t. So keeping us from operating at night hampers our ability to collect that intelligence. So he wants us to stop doing our jobs, yet continue to give them what Karzai claims they can get on their own.

I think it’s extremely petty for Karzai to claim that he wants us out of his country, then blames us for not stopping an attack he says his Army can do. He needs to stop being a bitch and make up his mind. Either he lets us stay and let us do our job the way we need to do it, or tell us to get out and do the job yourself, and don’t cry when you get spanked by the Taliban. The reason we are there in the first place is because your country was so inept it allowed the Taliban to take control of it.

Karzai wants Afghan autonomy in taking on the insurgents in his country, yet he blames everyone else when his Military fails. Listen kiddo you can’t have it both ways. Let us do our job, you know the one your country is too incompetent to do, and we will route the Taliban. It used to be the Military controlled its own actions in war, and when they did they won. Just look at all the wars from WWII on back. When the politicians and media  start controlling the wars we don’t do so well, look at all the wars from Korea forward.

This is the reason I think we should adopt a policy of isolationism, at least until we reclaim our title as the strongest, best country in the world. Let Karzai and the rest of these third world wannabes take responsibility for their own damn country. We have our own pretty big problems in this country, let’s stop trying to fix every one else’s until we fix our own.


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