Farrakhan publicly threatens whites

In a time when we need compassion and understanding. A time when people are looking at a person’s skin color instead of their actions. A time when we need to stop seeing each other as a color and start seeing ourselves as Americans. In a time when we need to come together, we are being driven apart, and it needs to stop. First we had Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson calling for civil unrest and saying blacks were under attack. Then we had the New Black Panther Party calling for violence against whites. Then we had armed Neo-Nazis patrolling Sanford, Florida. Now we have Farrakhan saying that unless white people change their end has come. (Read the article here). This is getting out of hand. It’s not just one racial or ethnic background that has to change. We all have to change.

Farrakhan saying that unless whites change it will be their end is hate speech and fear mongering. He is driving wedges into the racial fabric of our country and breaking us apart. This hate speech is not doing anyone any good. The only thing this is going to do is encourage violence. I personally am glad I was not around for the race riots of the 1960’s, and I do not want to see it happen now. Yes Farrakhan has the freedom of speech, unless that speech invokes violence. As a Soldier who has gone to war I can say that there is too much violence in the world, we need to stop adding to it.

I’m not some hippie preaching peace, love, and dope, but I do believe we need to stop hating each other. We are Americans, we are not colors. I may have lighter skin than some people, but I am an AMERICAN. My family is American, but way back in my family history, they weren’t always American. My family emigrated here in the 1800s, but the minute we became citizens we became Americans. That is not to say I do not have pride in my heritage, but I am an American. And I take offense to this racial tension that certain people are taking advantage of and making worse. Unless we stand together and let them know we will not put up with this any more they will not stop. Farrakhan has gone too far this time with his blatant threats.


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