Only the perfect shall get the clearances

So it comes to light that these Secret Service agents who were bringing prostitutes back to their hotel rooms had the president’s schedule in their rooms. These are people who go through a thorough background screening and pass a polygraph test. The have rock solid credit, and are considered no threat to security. So they are given Top Secret clearances. Bradley Manning also had rock solid credit and passed a polygraph test, yet he was the source of the greatest security leak in American history. And these Secret Service agents, tasked with protecting the president, could have been the source of problems that are best left unsaid.

I can understand the reasons the government only gives Top Secret clearances to people who are financially and morally sound. Yet this latest in a long string of security lapses have only happened though these perfect people. Yes a person who has outstanding debt is susceptible to being bought off. But so are those who are not in debt, they get bought off to get more than they have. A credit score of 720 does not show a persons true being. Look at Robert Hansen, a former FBI Agent who spied for Russia. Any one can be bought. It takes some one who loves their country, who wants their country to be better than themselves to not be bought by foreign spies.

I love my country, but I have debt. I have been divorced, and I currently have a soon to be ex, who has decided to stop paying my bills while I was deployed. My credit rating is in the toilet. Does this mean I am more likely to sell out my country? No. I would die before I did that, but since my credit rating isn’t where the powers that be say it should be I got denied a TS. I volunteered to go to combat 4 times, I put my life on the line to stop the Afghan Army from stealing from us, I turned in Soldiers who were violating the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, the laws that govern military life. I have stood up for what I believe in, no amount of money would change that, yet I can not get the clearances these Secret Service agents get.

It goes to show, looking good on paper is not always what it seems in real life.


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