Secret Service trying to deflect the spotlight

In light of the scandal in Columbia the Secret Service is now looking into comments made by Ted Nugent. Over the weekend at an NRA convention Ted Nugent compared Obama and the Democrats as a coyote that needs to be shot. He also made a comment along the lines of I’ll be dead or in jail by this time next year if Obama is reelected. I do not agree with Nugent’s saying they should be shot like coyotes, that is a veiled death threat, but I do understand his anger at the Democrats and Obama. I also think the Secret Service is blowing this out of proportion. I hope that Nugent’s comments were rhetorical and he didn’t mean them literally. I think the Secret Service have some bigger issues to deal with right now. Allegations of prostitutes, drugs, and possibly letting Obama’s itinerary leak out to said prostitutes should be dealt with before they go looking at other people’s wrong doing.

Read the article here.


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