Taking childrens DNA is wrong

I am all for the Police doing their jobs, I will never get in the way of that. What I have a problem with, is taking a child’s DNA without parental consent. If we say children are too young to get into contracts, order alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or be charged as an adult in crimes, or to even give consent for sex, then they are too young to give consent for DNA collection. Although I shouldn’t be surprised that this happened in California. The crime that was committed was as evil as any crime, the stabbing death of an 8th grade student at a middle school in Sacramento California. The police had a list of several minors they think had involvement and took them out of class for interviews. The Sacramento Sheriff’s office says parental consent is not needed for interviewing minors and gathering DNA samples. If children have to have parents consent to get married, join the military, or even get birth control they sure as hell should need parental consent to give a DNA sample, this seems like another instance of Big Brother gathering personal information on citizens. The parents of these children need to step up and make sure this stops, no government, local, state or federal should the power to make our children give DNA samples. The Sheriff’s office tries to make it seem right by saying there is a mechanism in place to notify the parents, BULLSHIT if they have any inkling to do this to my children they better notify me before they do it, or else a whole lot of people are getting sued. There should never be a case where a child gets talked to without a parent or legal guardian,(except of course child abuse cases against the parents or guardians.)


Read the full article here.


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