Now we see who George Zimmerman is

Since this Trayvon Martin case has started we heard how good of a young man he was, and how much of a devil George Zimmerman was. All we heard about Mr. Zimmerman were doctored 911 tapes, and how much of a racist he was from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. At first he was a white man who profiled and shot an unarmed black teen. When reports of him being injured and in fear after being attacked by Trayvon Martin, people were shouting that they were all lies aimed at getting him out of a murder charge. The Trayvon supporters wouldn’t hear the reports of George Zimmerman’s nose being broken or his head being split open. They were convinced it was racially motivated, and not an act of self-defense. Well now this police picture emerges of George’s head on the night of the shooting:

Why isn’t this picture all over the main stream media like every picture of Trayvon portraying him as an innocent teenager is? Why aren’t the TV news shows all over this picture? Why? Because it takes the innocence away from Trayvon Martin.

New details about who George Zimmerman is emerged as he took the stand in his bail hearing. There was an incident in 2010 involving the beating of an African-American homeless man. George Zimmerman organized a campaign to get justice for the homeless man, he posted flyers, went to churches and spoke about the incident, even after he found out the attacker was a Police Lieutenant’s son. He was praised by the church for his efforts. He joined a program that mentored young teens, and after the program was shut down due to the economic down turn he continued to mentor the teen. He has always been concerned about the people in his community, and has always wanted to help.

George Zimmerman did have a run in with the law. In 2005 he was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. George said he was coming to the aid of a friend who he saw being thrown against a wall by an unidentified man. The unidentified man was an undercover alcohol beverage control officer. George said the man never identified himself, the officer said he did, George agreed to enter a diversion program and take anger management classes. No one is perfect. I never once said George Zimmerman was perfect, I never said he didn’t shoot Trayvon Martin, all I ever wanted was for him to get the fair trial the Constitution guarantees him.

I write this not touting George Zimmerman’s innocence, or Trayvon Martins guilt. I write this  to get everyone to think, and to look at all sides of the story before convicting someone. Nothing is as (excuse the term, no pun intended) black and white as it first looks.


Read the full CNN article here.

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