Science Fiction is becoming Science Fact

I grew up watching movies where the government could use super secret spy satellites and cameras positioned around the world to spy on unsuspecting citizens. I was happy with ATM cameras, they helped minimize crime and aid in the recognition of criminals. I was okay with red light cameras, they caught people blowing red lights, which is extremely dangerous. Then came all the traffic cams, and the cameras in every mass transit station, and in almost every public place, there is almost no where we can go that we are not video taped without our consent.

Now comes the ultimate in government surveillance, drones. The word drone just sounds ominous, a drone is something the government and Military use overseas in combat zones. Drones are used to spy on the enemy, and sometimes shoot missiles at the enemy, without being detected. They are used against the terrorists, the bomb makers, the bad guys. Well now they are being used against us.(Read the Wall Street Journal article here.) More than 50 institutions have received approvals to operate remotely piloted aircraft and are more varied than many ever knew or thought possible. They include Federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, no shock there, Big Sis has wanted the ability to spy on us since she took office. But there are  also smaller agencies such as the police departments in North Little Rock, Ark., and Ogden, Utah, as well the University of North Dakota and Nicholls State University in Louisiana.

My first thought upon reading this short list was, Universities? What, wait, what? Colleges are using drones? Has our society gone so far down that we need to spy on our college kids? Then I remember the shootings at our colleges such as the one at Virgina Tech that ended up with 33 dead, and the most recent one at Oikos University in Oakland, California that left 7 dead, and think yes we need to do something. But my solution is instead of giving more power to the government, which has already shown they are inept and incompetent, give power back to the citizens. Allow persons with concealed carry permits to carry their weapons to school, all ow teachers who have the CCW permits to carry their weapons to school. I know people will say that’s a recipe for disaster, that many weapons on school grounds. Well how many of those 40 people and the hundreds others who have been killed, would still be alive if one lawfully authorized person was carrying their weapon. We need to stop giving the powers granted us in the Constitution back to a government that wants nothing more than to control us and every facet of our lives.

Not only is this an invasion of privacy, but it borders on violating the 4th Amendment to the Constitution which guards against unreasonable search and seizure. I don’t care what they say, a drone up in the sky is searching everywhere directly below it. They may say is only looking for a certain person, or a certain item, but the camera captures everything with in the limit of the lens, and what is seen can never be unseen.

First it was traffic cams, now it’s surveillance drones over head, what’s next? This is just another grab at totalitarian power that our government does not have the right to take. The government under Obama has taken more power than any other in history. Obama has appointed more people to government posts with out congressional oversight, in direct contrast to the Constitution than any other president in history. If we do not stop this now it will get worse.

I wonder why this policy of our great savior was hidden in the background, why wasn’t this publicized like Obamacare, or the housing market bailout, or the auto industry bailout? I’ll tell you why, because this is another backdoor unlawful grab at power the president knows he is not allowed to have, nor delegate to local or state governments to have. You can see the pattern if you look, any policy he knows we the people will not like he hides. He’s been doing it since he took office. He’s a lying, cheating, incompetent president who is so out of touch with what we want it’s not even funny anymore. HE and his cronies need to go.


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