The deeper you dig the more dirt you find

It seems young Mr. Trayvon Martin wasn’t the innocent teenager he is being made out to be in the media. The reason he was in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood that fateful night was he was suspended from school for 10 days and staying at his father’s house. His school, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami-Dade, said he was suspended for being in an unauthorized part of the school. When I was in high school being in an unauthorized area was a detention not a 2 week suspension. The school refused to elaborate on the incident, I find this puzzling also.There were a few tweets to his twitter account seeming to show why he was suspended that contradict the schools reason for his being suspended:

It has also come to light that Trayvon had a few tattoos, while not being illegal per se, he was only 17 and it is illegal to get tattoos prior to turning 18. I have nothing against tattoos, I myself have a few, but I got them after I turned 18. So in order for him to get the tattoos he either had to lie about his age to the tattoo artist or get them from a shady artist.

I find it also strange that his twitter account was deleted. Why do I find this strange because his twitter screen name was @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, and although this account was deactivated it can still be found by doing a google search. His friends were vocal about that being his twitter account name, and there are messages from his cousin referring to Trayvon on that account. There was also a posthumous post to that account referring to the altercation with George Zimmerman:

These two messages from people who apparently know Trayvon pretty well seem to allude to the fact that Trayvon had a violent streak. The last one shows the tweeter thinks he went down fighting. A far cry from the innocent pacifist the media has been showing.

There were messages from friends with wording that appears to be code for marijuana. It seems our innocent little victim was also a drug dealer.

I write this not to say George Zimmerman is innocent, or to trivialize the death of Trayvon Martin. I write this only to make you think about all sides of the story before you jump to conclusions. When this story first broke in the news Mr. Zimmerman was portrayed as a white male, turns out he is Hispanic. Then NBC edited the 911 tapes to make it sound like Mr. Zimmerman was a racist, they got caught. Everyone was quick to jump all over Trayvon being an innocent 17-year-old black male just walking down the street and getting shot by a white supremacist, who profiled him for walking while black. Now we are getting more of the story, and certainly not to my surprise, this part of the story is not all over the front page. This story highlights the problem in this country that we look at skin color before we look at facts. I will say it again, WE NEED TO STOP LOOKING AT EACH OTHER AS A COLOR, AND START LOOKING AT EACH OTHER AS AMERICAN. Because if we don’t, we will be our country’s own downfall.

Read the full story here.

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