No self-respecting American would vote for him

Barbara Boxer said in a recent video “I got to say to the women out there, whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or Independent, if you’re a self-respecting human being, please vote for President Obama. And for the men who care about women, do the same thing.”

See the video here.

Well Babbs I’m a self-respecting human being, and I care about women, as a matter of fact I care about all Americans, and guess what, I ain’t voting for Obama. He’s done nothing good for this country. Almost every one of his policies has failed. He has had record numbers of States pass laws that mimic the Constitution, because he has been systematically dismantling the Constitution, from the unconstitutional laws, i.e: Obamacare, to the “czars” he has been appointing without congressional approval, to the blatant statements such as, “if congress won’t pass my laws, I’ll do it without them!” He is a failure as a president, and any self-respecting American will not vote to reelect him, not if they love this country and want to see it prosper again like it has in the past.

Do not be fooled by his rhetoric, do not be fooled by his false promises, do not be fooled by his out right lies.



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